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Nonverbal Signs Someone is Romantically Attracted to You

            Nonverbal communication is a way in which people express messages through body language or nonlinguistic means. This form of communication is a key component when expressing ourselves in conversation; in fact, research found that 93% of our daily conversations are nonverbal. This form of communication can reveal a lot about how someone is feeling, just by interpreting the nonverbal signs they are exhibiting. And it’s no different if you want to find out if someone is attracted to you – researchers found that you can figure out if someone is attracted to you can by decoding their nonverbal cues.

Here are a few cues to look out for:

  1. Eye contact: When they hold your gaze, this is a sign that they’re attracted to you and want to get to know you. If you take a closer look, you might notice that their eyes are dilated.
  2. Mirroring movements: When engaged in conversation, they mirror some of your movements. For example, if you have your legs crossed, they will cross their legs too. They’ll even mirror your facial expressions or tone of voice. This is a sign that they’re attracted to you because it’s associated with them being comfortable around you.
  3. Leaning in: When someone you’re talking to leans their body towards you, it’s a sign that they are attracted to you. This sign is most obvious when you’re with a group of people because you can easily tell if they’re leaning towards you, specifically.
  4. Heading tilting: Another sign of romantic attraction, because it shows that they’re interested in what you’re saying. This act is associated with engagement and is their way of letting you know that they’re present and interested in what you’re saying.
  5. Feet pointing: If their feet are pointed towards you during a conversation, it’s a sign of attraction, and that they want to be there with you and are interested in you. Upon meeting, if their feet are pointed slightly inward it also signifies attraction.
  6. Touching: Touching is a way of making contact with someone. If they try to find ways to make brief contact with you, they’re attracted to you and want to get close to you. 

These signs are some of the more discrete cues that can help you figure out if your crush has feelings for you, too. Looking out for these signs when you’re with someone that you like can help you uncover how they feel about you.​

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