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No Math for Me, but MoMath for You!

Let me guess… your favorite class is math and you’re planning on dropping your psych major for a math course? Or you love spending hours proving that a picture of a triangle really is a triangle and that the Pythagorean theorem has more answers to life than just the number that proves that the right triangle you’re staring at is indeed a right triangle? No? Yeah, me too. Math has never been my friend, but more of a backstabbing poser that strikes just when I thought that “easy” quiz saved my grade. Relatable? I think yes. Let’s face it, most of us struggle with math. We can’t all be Germains and Einsteins, but we can sure enjoy their theories over at MoMath; otherwise known as the National Museum of Mathematics.

I took a visit to MoMath after my teacher assigned my class to do so. The museum is located on east 26th Street, across from the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park. When I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly, colorful exterior with the pi symbol acting as the handle of the front door. This creative look cracked my weary attitude. Once inside, I was directed to a computer where I could digitally purchase my ticket; so it was a good thing I brought my debit card! Admission was $12 for students which is a great price compared to other art museums in the city. Friendly employees welcomed me to the museum and offered to answer any questions I might have had.


I had expected the museum to be very serious and filled with math-themed artwork like geometric shape sculptures, watercolor rectangles, and so on…I was so wrong. Instead, the museum featured small, interactive activities. The art pieces were artistic through mathematical theorems, as opposed to aesthetically-driven ones. From geometry to velocity, all forms of math were showcased. As I was interacting with each piece, I kept forgetting I was even at a math museum, as all I thought about was how much fun I was having! Pieces ranged from anti-gravity seats to painting water designs on the wall. I painted a duck for no reason other than the fact that ducks are adorable! The employees answered every question I had with a smile and had a great sense of humor.  

If you haven’t already been roped in, then I highly suggest that you go over and check out my favorite pieces “String Product” and “Twist ‘n’ Roll.” What are they? Well, I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. Go check out MoMath, it’s an experience that’s sure to make you realize the wide range of possibilities math holds and how it is used in our everyday lives. And if by chance you leave dissatisfied, the Lego Store is right around the corner… you can’t go wrong with that!


Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm from Long Island, New York. Writing is my greatest passion. I plan on turning my love for the written word into a career within the film industry.
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