New York City Spots: The Museum of Ice Cream


This weekend I decided to take a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream something sweet, yet different in New York City. The museum is located in the heart of Soho and is the perfect spot for tourists and locals alike! However, the one downfall is the ticket prices are kinda expensive for a place based on ice cream and photo ops. My student ticket came to be around $38.00, which is not ideal for a day trip but I believe it was worth it. 

When you first start the tour, you are greeted into the extremely pinked-out building and the check-in. It is a bit chaotic as tourists, kids, and locals are squished and passing through a gift shop. But, after that is when the experience truly began. Your real name is forbidden in the museum, and you get to choose a new ice-cream flavored pun name. My friend Eliza and I decided to go with Cake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Split for that rocky road of a relationship. I could not think of an ice cream pun to go with Alysa, but if you have any, please feel free to let me know! You then went into a lounge and were given your first free sample of the trip. However, because of COVID-19, you have to eat it outside. Eating ice cream outside was not the best being, as I felt being stared at by the passing models that reside in Soho. However, after that, you finally move into the actual museum. I won't lie, the rooms throughout the museum are extremely creative, fun, and the staff was amazing! From a floating wonderland-inspired room to a tiny corner of sprinkles, every photo-op was worth it! 

The rooms were mostly empty and very socially distanced! It was awesome not having a kid, tourist, or random person in the back of my photos! I was able to enjoy the experience! The least exciting part of the experience was the postcard room and the line for the slide. The slide line took about 20 - 30 minutes to pass through, and no one was socially distanced. However, we got to learn cool ice cream facts! Did you know it takes roughly 50 licks to finish a scoop of ice cream? No, you didn't. When we got to the actual slide, I am not gonna lie it was a bit nerve-racking for some reason. I sat in the provided sack, was complimented on my eye shadow, held onto my tote bag, and took the three-story journey down. We ended up in an ice cream lair, and eventually in a germ-filled playroom. However, folks, the best was around the corner. The sprinkle room!!! Everyone who goes to the Museum of Ice Cream has to do the sprinkle room. After sliding, taking photos, and getting sprinkles thrown at me by Eliza we headed out. We grabbed some more samples, and the museum was over! However, this second batch of ice cream was awful. I will not go into detail, but please skip the sprinkle room samples. 

The Museum of Ice Cream is truly an experience of its own. It's a ton of fun if you go with your friends and go for the enjoyment of it. Overall it is an 8/10 experience in New York City. The pros are the unique photo opportunities, friendly staff, a ton of cool exhibits, free postcards, and an awesome slide. The cons are there were a lot of little children, that second sample of ice cream, and I wish the ticket and merchandise prices were a bit lower. However, I probably will journey back out to the Museum of Ice Cream one day and maybe take Her Campus Pace.

If you want to see my photos from the museum check them out here!