New Year, More Resolutions

Manhattan, New York
United States

I have always believed that New Year’s resolutions are pointless; they usually consist of unrealistic goals with a year-long time frame. Despite this, I still make a list every year. The list is comprised of more realistic goals for myself. Setting goals is something I often do, however, the idea of beginning the new year, in addition to the year-long time frame is what makes this specific list more difficult for most to follow. Maybe by sharing mine, I will find myself more inclined to follow through with the list.

1. Write more

During my gap year, I began to journal everyday. Even looking at that overflowing notebook transports me back to my carefree, adventurous days spent in Australia. Journaling expanded into writing articles for Her Campus. I only have a few published, but I want to write more and become more confident when sharing my words.

2. Go to Paris

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the City of Love. I can think of at least seven different pieces in my room at home that feature the Eiffel Tower. This year, I am going to go to Paris. I don’t have any specific plans yet but I will somehow find my way there.

3. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

This is a staple for every New Year’s resolutions list. Most people join gyms, go for a week, and quit. My goal is slightly simpler, I want to make small changes which will make a big difference. Walking more, eating healthier options when it comes to snacks, and drinking more water are easy changes which shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. Hopefully my friends and I can encourage each other.

4. Read 19 Books

Reading a certain number of books during the year is a permanent addition to the reoccuring list. Coincidentally, this tends to be the one I never fail to accomplish. I love reading and reminding myself to take time to read is important to me.

5. Work on Self Confidence

Working on my self confidence is a big goal of mine this year. I shouldn’t feel inferior or doubt myself when it comes to my abilities. “Fake it until you make it” has always been my motto but this year I want to see where feeling confident can get me. I have had some amazing accomplishments and I have to remember that is all because of me.

By sharing my New Year’s resolutions, I hope I feel more responsible for following through with my goals for the year. Considering it has been about a month into the new year, I have been good so far. Here’s to the new year and finally finishing a full list of resolutions!