The New Girls in Town: Phi Mu

Manhattan, New York
United States

Anyone who has been walking around the campus recently is sure to have come across the pink, vibrant banners of the newest sorority at Pace, Phi Mu. The women always have bright smiles and warm personalities, talking to girls who pass them every day. While on my way to math class a few weeks ago, the Phi Mu girls came over to talk to me trying to spread the word about events and dates of recruitment. Since no one really knows about this new sorority, I figured the best thing to do was interview Phi Mu for Her Campus. If anyone has questions about the newest sorority Pace has to offer, hopefully, this Q and A can answer them for you!

Why did Phi Mu come to Pace?

We look for places where we are looking to extend for new and exciting opportunities for Phi Mu, so when the university opened up for possibly bringing in a new chapter, we were very interested and applied! Also, this is New York City and this is a really amazing place. There are many women with diverse interests, people come from different backgrounds, and I think that's something that we are definitely looking for in Phi Mu.

What is the Philanthropy you support?

The philanthropy we support is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, so this chapter, in particular, we will work with Cohen’s Children Medical Center which is in Queens. All of our chapters support different local hospitals so they know where the donations go. The new members will be able to go to the hospital and directly see where the time and effort goes.

What makes Phi Mu different?

We are obviously looking forward to being part of the Panhellenic community here; Phi Mu offers really great opportunities for leadership development. With a new chapter comes new opportunities for women of all different academic years. No matter what year, we are looking for women who want to take on leadership opportunities and since everyone will be coming into Phi Mu at the same time, anyone can hold a leadership position. Because we are new, we are able to create our own sorority experience.

What kind of events will Phi Mu host?

We have a wide variety of events and programs that we will be hosting. We focus really heavily on philanthropy and service, so we will be doing events to help Cohen’s Children Medical Center, in addition to academic excellence programming. We will also have events that focus on networking and getting to know people with the same major and minor as you. We will have social events here, on campus and all around the city. Sisterhood events are also really important because we want to make sure all the girls get to know each other because those girls are going to be your sisters. Because we are new, the members will have a huge influence on the events that we do so the girls will definitely set the tone of the kinds of events.

How does this sorority intend to leave its mark on Pace? 

That is something that is going to have to be determined by the sisters and that’s another thing that goes back to gauging the interests. If we get our chapter and we realize that they are super into philanthropy and service, maybe their mark is running Dance Marathon or raising thousands of dollars for the hospital. If they are super interested in pursuing leadership opportunities, then maybe the mark will be attaining leadership positions in different clubs and organizations at Pace.

Being that sorority life is different in the city, how does Phi Mu intend to use the city? 

So, we are actually both from urban campuses and the sorority experience for us was really special, even though we were on non-traditional campuses. Utilizing all the alumni in the surrounding area is really important and we know so many alumni in New York City that do incredible things for Phi Mu, both in the workforce and the world. We really want to tap into those women and use them as resources for the women here at Pace.

Phi Mu is a women’s organization which provides personal and academic development, service to others, commitment to excellence and lifelong friendship through a shared tradition. Phi Mu promotes vibrant living, encouraging members to achieve their personal best.

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