NCT 127, Not Your “Regular” K-Pop Group

Manhattan, New York
United States

While many K-Pop groups have already made their make in America through Billboard Charts and sold-out arena tours, NCT 127 is set up for worldwide domination through their global concept of empathizing with listeners through music.

An acronym for “Neo Culture Technology” to symbolize the group as innovative artists with ever-changing sounds, NCT 127 is a newly 10 member group hailing from Seoul, South Korea (127 representing the city’s longitude) that emphasizes their mission to spread K-Pop on a global scale and unite listeners through the power of music. This group includes international members originating from China (WinWin), Japan (Yuta), Canada (Mark), and the United States (Johnny) to further connect with fans across the globe.

Recently, the boys released their first English title track, “Regular,” on October 8 that stays true to their edgy auras and experimental sounds with this Latin Trap song that perfectly fuses two cultural music genres together-so if you’re a fan of Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna, “Regular” is definitely worth a listen. And if you’re looking for a payday, “don’t touch me, I’m rich” type of anthem, “Regular” is the go-to that will have your bank account flourishing.


K-Pop has slowly risen into mainstream music through Korean lyrics alone. The growth of the genre has elevated groups like NCT 127 to record English songs to better connect with their international fans through the universal theme of dreams, specifically becoming rich beyond our wildest desires. Despite the English lyrics and Latin influence, the group still maintains the important K-Pop factor of performance-enhanced choreography and alluring fashion that gets viewers hooked. “We just don’t do music you wanna listen to, we do music that you wanna see,” comments Johnny on their first U.S.. debut performance.

In anticipation of their latest single and upcoming album release, NCT 127 conquered Los Angeles with a media blitz including their debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, feature as Apple Music’s “Up Next Artist” of the month, appearance on the American Music Awards Red Carpet, and performance on an ABC special, “Mickey’s 90th Spectacular” to celebrate the Disney icon’s birthday alongside famous artists like Meghan Trainor and Tori Kelly. If the hype over this band hasn't’t convinced you enough, the boys have hinted collaborations with Marteen, Anderson Paak, and DJ Khaled-who was siked to see the boys through an exclusive FaceTime interview.


NCT 127’s first full-length album, Regular-Irregular, includes 11 new songs, featuring both the English and Korean versions “Regular.” Their latest album creates a comprehensive story on the bridge between reality (“Regular” tracks) and dreams (“Irregular” tracks) as portrayed through their two, short teaser films, Regular Dream and Irregular Office. Look forward to their highly anticipated release on October 12 as their next step to global domination.