My Favorite Songs You’ve Never Heard

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We all have those times where we feel like we’ve run out of music to listen to. Sometimes our lives get so busy that we don’t have time to sit and search through Spotify for new artists so, I decided to share some of my favorite tracks/artists. Enjoy and happy listening! 

1. Odd Future- JAHKOY  If you like R&B, I suggest you check out JAHKOY. He has amazing beats, relatable lyrics, and a very different sound. “Odd Future” is my favorite song by him, but he recently came out with an amazing new album with a song featuring Schoolboy Q. 

2. Pools- Harrison Broome  Harrison Broome has such a unique sound; when I listen to his music, I feel like I’m on another planet. His sound is a mix of slow R&B, pop, and dance. I also suggest listening to “Sex Calls.” 

3. Is Anybody out There- Great Dane  LA native Dane Morris, or Great Dane, is known for his sick beats. His music falls somewhere between hip-hop and dance; if you’re into edm I also suggest listening to “To Stay” and “Tryna Reach Out.” 

4. Gold Chain- Gosh Pith  This song has more of a pop vibe. If you want a song to sing along to in the car without having to turn on the radio, this is it. 

5. Oshi Redo – Ridin Round ft Tory Lanes  If you like edm, check out Oshi, he’s a cool dude with a talent for remixing. You can find his other remixes and original tracks on his soundcloud. 

6. Work Work- clipping.  One of my friends recently sent me this song and ever since, I have been listening to it on repeat. I have never listened to or even heard of clipping before, but I appreciate how they  mixed experimental beats with rap. 

7. Some Way- NAV  I’ve been listening to NAV since day one and I almost fainted when I heard he did a song with The Weeknd. It’s quickly become popular so you might know about this one, but definitely  check out the rest of his mixtape. “Myself,” “Up,” and “Good For It” are a few of my favorites.