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My Experience at Live With Kelly and Ryan

The day began at approximately 6 A.M. when I heard the infamous iPhone alarm ring. After taking 40+ minutes getting ready for a fun-filled day, my friend Juliette and I headed towards the Fulton Center to take the train to Columbus Circle. I became more anxious than normal as the ticket said we had to arrive before 8, and we were still walking at 7:45. After running in heeled booties for a few blocks, we made it on line right on time. We made a group of elderly ladies on line in front of us, who gave us life advice and told us that they were “all sisters,” but not by blood. It was cute! But we weren’t really sure why this happened.

After a long half hour on line with no coffee (because we didn’t have time to stop for some!), we were finally let into the studio. It was so crazy to see the set for Kelly and Ryan after watching the show for such a long time. We were first seated on the balcony, so there was no chance for us to be on camera. They did an interview with Kelly’s son, Michael Consuelos, who guest-starred as young Hiram Lodge in that week’s Riverdale episode.

They surprised us after the taping was over by saying that they were also taping some clips for Friday’s show (which we thought was a little strange since it’s live with Kelly and Ryan). We decided to stay for the second part and got bumped down to the main level! Kelly and Ryan did another interview with Josh Dallas, and taped a performance done by Sabrina Carpenter.

After a long morning, we decided to get brunch at a place nearby (which I forgot the name of). It was a pleasurable experience getting to watch a morning show live, especially because I am majoring in communications. It’s cool that I can say I did it!

A freshman at Pace University studying communications. Lover of good coffee, good music, traveling, and anything Disney.
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