My College Story in Taylor Swift Songs

My college experience has been exhilarating, challenging, and brutal, yet so, so rewarding. I cannot express the growth I have felt while living in the beautiful city that is NYC. Despite the chaotic state of the world, this past year has been renewing and eye-opening. As a dedicated, obsessive swiftie, I thought what could be better by telling my college story of loss, betrayal, love, and rebirth through Taylor songs??? So, I am going to divide up my life by seasons, and let the miracle masterpieces of Taylor take over from there…

Summer, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Independent, 18, Free:

  1. “august” 

  2. “Welcome to New York” 

  3. “Holy Ground”

  4. “my tears ricochet”

  5. “White Horse”

  6. “All Too Well”

  7. “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

Fall, Friendship, Belly Laughter, 19, Growth: 

  1. “22”

  2. “I Forgot That You Existed”

  3. “Clean”

  4. “Begin Again” 

  5. “Enchanted”

  6. “Out of the Woods”

  7. “Long Live”

Winter, Solitude, Trust, Freezing Weather, Relief:

  1. “Breathe”

  2. “Back to December”

  3. “it’s time to go” 

  4. “Delicate”

  5. “peace”

  6. “Daylight”

  7. “long story short”

It has been a crazy year with my relationships, career, personal growth, but this is my story, nonetheless. So, call it what you want to.