Moving‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌During‌ ‌C-19‌ ‌

As May approaches, many students are going to need to return to their dorms or apartment to retrieve their belongings. While it may be scary to venture out into this pandemic, this is a necessary situation that is unavoidable. Just remember, nurses and doctors need to do this every day.

From someone who has moved a lot, I created a list of some tips that may help you in these unprecedented times.

  1. 1. Be Quick

    It’s likely that if you are in a dorm or apartment, you really don’t have that much stuff. Bring boxes and pack your items according to where they belong in a room; for example, put all kitchen items together in one box and sort through it later. Don’t take your time, try to move as fast as possible to avoid possible contact with other people.

  2. 2. Pick the Right People

    All it really takes is two efficient people. Three, ideally. Have one person packing boxes while the other is taking apart furniture. Work in different rooms and take over in communal areas as you will know what is yours and what is your roommates’. 

    Getting your boxes to your vehicle will take precision. Moving in NYC is hectic but take fully there won’t be the usual hustle and bustle of the city with most people staying indoors. Have someone at the car packing your boxes like it’s Tetris while the other is removing items from the living space. 

  3. 3. Wear A Mask

    If you’re moving during this pandemic, find a mask or make one. Take a handkerchief and two ponytails and follow the Facebook tutorial on your feed. This is better than nothing. Hopefully, you don’t need to come into contact with any people but it’s best to just have one on. 

  4. 4. Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands

    This may seem like a given but WASH YOUR HANDS. Remind those that are helping you. Bring a doorstop to keep the door open, wash your hands upon entering and then avoid your face. Hand sanitizer is also ideal if you were able to find any. Keep in mind while using sleeves to push open doors and avoid touching that later on when removing the article of clothing.

  5. 5. If It Doesn't Fit, Forget It

    Unless it holds a lot of value, forget it. Everything can be replaced. If it does, ship it or rent a storage unit. There are solutions to every problem but sometimes it’s not even worth it. 

  6. 6. Bring Tools

    If you have room to spare, bringing a utility dolly will make your life much easier. This “L” shaped contraception will help move multiple boxes at once and make heavy items feel like nothing. Plus, you will be able to avoid using moving boxes that others have touched. Along with this, find a power drill if you need to take furniture apart; this will save a ton of time.

Overall, moving during the pandemic is obviously not ideal. This is all uncharted territory that we have to face and we don’t know what the future truly holds. For those of you returning to school in the fall, it might still be online. Who knows? Take any opportunity when you have the chance and try to make the most of it.