Makeup & College Fashion Week: The Perfect Match

Manhattan, New York
United States
This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

When I was younger, makeup was never a part of my routine. It wasn’t until I found the beauty community on YouTube that I finally found the excitement and desire to use makeup as an expressive tool. Ever since then, makeup is a creative outlet that I choose to enjoy. Getting the chance to attend College Fashion Week where brands like Ulta Beauty, Almay, eos, and Her Campus sponsored the event was an unexpected surprise.

It took me hours to get completely ready for CFW. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to do my makeup. I was stuck between a subtle, bronze look or a more dramatic, colorful profile. In the end, I ended up doing blue-hued eyeshadow that looks amazing in great lighting. Paired with heels, I was ready to go.

The theme of the night was Girl Power and everyone embodied just that. Walking around, everyone was taking the most Instagram worthy photos while looking amazing. I can’t forget to mention the actual fashion show. All of the models that walked the show are regular, beautiful women and not necessarily “a traditional model type.” Everyone had cute outfits, beautiful makeup and so much confidence! It seemed like the models got a say in what they were comfortable walking in because some rocked a no-makeup makeup look while others fashioned more fall tones.

One of the best parts about the whole night was all of the free products we got to take home. Walking in, we were immediately given a bag containing a variety of different makeup and haircare products. Ulta Beauty had a station set up where anyone could get their hair and makeup done. Almay was handing out the makeup essentials including their new holographic lip gloss that is a staple for any night out. Eos had multiple pits full of their iconic lip balm that created the cutest photo opportunity. Everyone at CFW can agree to the fact that we were spoiled.

Overall, nothing is more empowering than being in a room full of strong, beautiful women. College Fashion Week was the best opportunity to experiment with my makeup, have fun with

my friends, and enjoy the opportunity of getting free makeup. Now all I have to do is perfect my winged eyeliner.