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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

I’ve never been interested in podcasts and as they grow more and more prevalent, I’ve only grown more disinterested, as I feel that they’ve become redundant and repetitive. Sometimes five minutes of listening to a podcast can feel like an hour for me, which is why I’ve only really loosely listened to two podcasts about life or comedy; however, one podcast that recently piqued my interest was The Broski Report by Brittany Broski. Brittany Broski, or Brittany Tomlinson, is a former customer service representative turned social media personality who earned her fame by posting silly, random videos on TikTok. As she’s grown on social media I’ve only become more fond of her. It’s rare to find a TikTok star that balances being truly funny and being a serious activist, especially in this digital world, yet I feel that Brittany Broski perfectly exudes these traits. Her platform and the way she utilizes it is what made me truly admire this podcast, and a bonus for me is that each hour-long episode only feels like it’s 20 minutes. 

Firstly, it’s no secret that women all over the world face oppression at the hands of men and I appreciate that Brittany Broski frequently addresses this imbalance. By constantly reminding her viewers of this inequality, she has created a safe space for social media users to share their stories and made her corner of the internet just a little brighter. Broski has made references to Barbie (2023) in several podcast episodes as well, praising what the movie has done for women today. Furthermore, Broski uses The Broski Report as an opportunity to discuss the impulsive thoughts and funny mannerisms of women, and in making these observations, she has spread the concept that women must support other women because we are all one and the same.

Additionally, as Brittany Broski is known for pushing boundaries, she consistently advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. She calls upon her audience to be respectful of all ways of life and love, which is very important in this dangerous time. Another topic that Broski doesn’t shy from is the increasingly more sensitive conversation on religion. As a former member of the Christian faith growing up in Texas, she speaks about the struggles of growing up under religious parents and the challenges she endures because her beliefs differ from her family’s. She explains to her audience that it is an essential part of her life to accept all human beings, no matter their religious affiliation, race, gender, sexuality, etc., and that in her own experience with religion, it didn’t allow her to embrace these ideals. Therefore, rather than speaking poorly about Christianity, Broski promotes religious freedom and encourages people to spread kindness no matter what a person believes in. 

Brittany Broski also uses her platform to examine many different art forms and artists in today’s society. She’s been known to praise Rosalía, Beyoncé, Harry Styles, Ethel Cain, Hozier, and Orville Peck. She reveals not only how these artists influenced her own routine, accrediting her life to them, but also how they’ve impacted society as a whole with their creativity. It’s so imperative for Brittany Broski to call attention to the causes that these artists support, commending Beyoncé for paving the pathway for black women and musicians around the world, and Harry Styles for his recognition of the LGBTQ+ Community. 

Overall, in her making of this podcast, Brittany Broski has created a community for all her viewers to voice their opinions and get a good laugh. She is truly a treasure and able to oscillate from advocacy to comedy within seconds with so much grace that I find myself actually laughing out loud.

Sierra is a freshmen, Digital Marketing major and a Graphic Design minor at Pace University. She is a first year staff writer for Her Campus at Pace and enjoys writing more humorous pieces about pop culture. In the past, Sierra has written for her high school newsletter known as "The Dawg Print" and taken several journalism classes and she is looking forward to expanding on this background. In addition to Her Campus at Pace, Sierra is also a new member of the American Marketing Association at Pace and the P.A.C.E. Board. She enjoys brainstorming for both these clubs and especially likes that they expose her to people of all backgrounds and stories. Outside of school and work Sierra spends most of her time listening to music, watching romantic comedies, binging sit-coms, shopping for clothes she probably doesn’t need, going to museums, or exploring new places to eat. She likes a variety of different musical artists and will never turn down the opportunity to go to a concert. Sierra frequently watches the movies A Rainy Day in New York and Breakfast at Tiffany’s but is no stranger to shows such as The Office and New Girl. Sierra is also interested in museum hopping however her favorite exhibits remain at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.