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Leadership Series: DC Museum and Monument Guide


  1. The Newseum: This is an awesome unconventional museum that not everyone thinks to cover on their trip! This museum is huge and covers all aspects of news including photographs and the journalists themselves. Some amazing exhibits include “Inside Today’s FBI,” the “Berlin Wall Gallery”, with a real piece of the wall, the “Pulitzer Prize Photograph Gallery” and an interactive newsroom! The 9/11 memorial showcased all of the amazing journalists that covered that tragic day, which hits home for all of us in New York. The best part about this museum is definitely the gorgeous terrace overlooking the capitol building!
  2. The United States Capitol: Usually confused with the White House, this building is 218 feet taller, from the base to the Statue of Freedom. Unlike the White House, this structure is home to the United States Congress and Senate, not the Presidential family. Once you spot the dome within the National Mall, you are sure to feel like you are in a Washington D.C postal card. No, really, the building lives up to its image and you can catch a glimpse of its dome only a few feet from the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

    3. The Holocaust Museum: This museum took our breath away. This was a stunning way to highlight such a tragic event. Upon entrance, everyone got a passport with one person and their story. This personal                element changes the way we walked through the visual timeline that is filled with graphics and mementos. With more than 270,000 records, photographs, personal interviews, and narratives, this is something              we will never forget.

    4. Lincoln Memorial: Approaching this monument is breathtaking, with its huge columns and reflection pool. Upon entry, the huge Lincoln statue left us flabbergasted. To see one of the countries most influential                presidents enshrined forever was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Weighing a whopping 275 tons and standing 19 feet tall, Lincoln presides over the entire Washington mall.

    5. The White House: No way we would miss visiting one of the most beloved houses in the United States! Although every inch of its perimeters is guarded by the Uniformed Division Officers, the public is able to              stand before it at a safe distance. Not only were there tourists observing the neoclassical style home in fascination but also a peaceful protest across the street, with a powerful message of coexistence. It’s no              surprise this 18th-century presidential residence is a landmark in history, especially when it has been home to the Obama family. 

    6. Washington Monument:  Have you ever heard of “The Toothpick”? Well, it’s the nickname of the pointiest monument in the state, and it stands at a marvelous 555 feet! Honestly, wow! The first thing we did was            look up to admire the granite, which had an architectural resurrection after being left at only 150 feet in 1854 when it became too expensive to finish. The cool part about it is that you can actually see the                   difference in the structure! Bonus: it looks really cool in pictures. 


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