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Lately, this is how it is.

These days

I haven’t been sleeping

And I can’t tell why

But 3 am seems to know me more than I ever could

The thoughts that flood through my mind in the lonely hours

Are the cruelest

I feel as though I am in the middle of loving who I am

And tearing myself apart

At the same exact time


I keep forgetting to eat well

Or at all

And I can’t tell why

But maybe it’s because I’m trying to empty out my stomach

Of all the love

And all the pain

You caused me


This is how it is


All I do is think

And not think

And think

And not think, again

I don’t know where I’m going

Or if there is a certain path I’m supposed to be taking

But here I am

At 3 am


I’m not quite sure if spilling my poetry is helping

Or hurting me more

But maybe if I whisper the voices aching to be heard

Onto this page

My delicate soul

Can somehow feel some sign of relief


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