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It’s Not You, It’s Mercury Retrograde

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Do you have any miscellaneous lost items? Have you had any difficulties communicating well with others? Do you feel like you’ve been down on your luck? It’s not you, it’s mercury retrograde. From now until May 14, the second wave of mercury retrograde is active. The third and final mercury retrograde of the year starts on Dec. 13 and ends on Jan. 1. Aside from miscommunication, missing things, and overall negative energy, mercury retrograde is a time for self-reflection and transformation. 

So what exactly does the phrase mercury retrograde mean? Well, when Mercury goes into retrograde, it gives the illusion that the planet is rotating backwards in orbit. Since Mercury is the planet that rules communication, intelligence, and technology, all communication and technology go haywire when mercury appears to orbit in a backwards motion. But have no fear, instead of getting frazzled and wrapped up in the mayhem of Mercury retrograde, use this as a time for self reflection and personal growth. 

It is important to remain calm, cool, and collected during this Mercury retrograde because a new transformation is on the horizon. When you find yourself in the midst of miscommunication and technology errors, trust that Mercury retrograde has a plan for you and everything is going to be okay. 

When Mercury goes into retrograde, each astrological sign is impacted in a unique way. Here’s how your zodiac sign will be affected during this era of Mercury retrograde:

Aries: Aries might be seeking more stability during this time. If you feel like everything is out of control, slow down and get organized. Focus on your long term goals and think about what steps you need to take to accomplish them. 

Taurus: Taurus may feel resistant to change and might be afraid to step out of their comfort zone. This mercury retrograde encourages you to take more risks. Try new things and be open to looking at the world in a different perspective. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself during this Mercury retrograde. 

Gemini: Geminis have probably been so concerned about other people that they forget to take time to work on themselves. Mercury retrograde invites Geminis to reserve some time alone by themselves so they can focus more time on accomplishing their personal goals. 

Cancer: Cancers are people who prioritize relationships and friendships dearly. However, during this Mercury retrograde, it may seem like your relationships feel a little unsteady. Have conversations with loved ones to maintain peace. Be open to the other person’s perspective when conversing. Communication is key to having good relationships. 

Leo: Leo’s goals might be seemingly more challenging to accomplish than expected. If your goals are taking more time to reach fruition than you thought, have no worries. Enjoy the journey and the destination will soon follow. Trust the process and learn something from each new life experience. 

Virgo: Virgos might be stuck in their ways and hesitant to change. This Mercury retrograde encourages Virgos to dip their toes in the water and try something new. If you find yourself stuck in the same situation repeatedly, try shifting your mindset to get a different result. 

Libra: During this Mercury retrograde, Libras may find themselves overwhelmed with the tasks of daily life. Stop sweating the small stuff. Be malleable to any changes that may occur. Go with the flow and trust that everything will work out in your favor. 

Scorpio: Mercury retrograde brings a new chapter for Scorpio’s love life. Scorpios should do a self evaluation before diving into a new relationship. When you have a better understanding of who you are, it will help you find long-lasting relationships. Work on yourself first and the relationships will soon follow. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius may feel a sudden shift in their routine during Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde invites Sagittarius to be open to change. Experimenting with new ways of thinking might be beneficial to Sagittarius. 

Capricorn: Capricorns are flexible with change. Mercury retrograde is easy peasy for Capricorns. As long as Capricorns maintain their composure and positive attitude, they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. 

Aquarius: Aquarius may be fearful of change during Mercury retrograde. They get so stuck in their habits and old ways of thinking that it prevents them from expanding and growing as a person. Mercury retrograde encourages Aquarius to rethink their current living situation. Be open to change, and the doors of abundance will open for you. 

Pisces: Mercury retrograde encourages Pisces to express themselves in the most authentic way. When you are tapped into your true self, the right people will appear in your life at exactly the right time. There is no one better than you. Embrace your true self.

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