How To Transition Your Closet From Winter To Spring

Last week, I went to the Universal Standard (US) flagship store in preparation for an event that our Her Campus chapter was invited to. Her Campus HQ planned an event for local chapters to attend, network, and enjoy the US high-quality products at the unique 1:1 store experience. I had never visited the flagship store prior and I was pleasantly surprised. From the atmosphere to the quality of the products, I instantly became obsessed with the brand. I felt inspired to update my closet to transition from winter to spring without sacrificing comfort or style in a very unpredictable season in New York City.

  1. Instead of wearing a sweater, throw on a blazer or light cardigan over a light t-shirt or tank top. This way, you will not get overheated wearing your top layer but can still take it off if needed.

    Check out the black Rio Blazer from Universal Standard here.

  2. Try wearing cropped jeans or a pair with interesting fraying. This will spice up your look opting for a more fresh look for the season. 

    Check out the Bae Boyfriend Cropped Jeans from Universal Standard here.

  3. Transition skirts into your wardrobe. Skirts are so simple, comfortable and can elevate any outfit. Pair it with a graphic tee and sneakers or a basic top and some booties. 

    Check out the CeeCee Midi Skirt, which happens to be my favorite length, from Universal Standard.


  4. Adding a staple jacket to your closet will transform your overall style; especially if you add it to many unique outfits. I recommend investing in a nice blazer, jean jacket, or leather jacket (vegan options are great, too) to ensure amazing quality and styles that will last season upon season. 

    Check out the LEERON LEATHER MOTO JACKET from Universal Standard here.

  5. If you don’t already have a pair, you should go purchase a pair now. Booties are perfect with literally any outfit for any occasion. Wear them when you’re going to class, brunch or going out for the night. This season, we are seeing a lot of white booties but black is a more classic option.

    Check out the Porto Ankle Boot from Universal Standard.

These little changes really elevated my closet and style. I find myself a little more excited getting dressed to go to class, especially if I need to look more presentable. Universal Standard provides high-quality items that are inclusive and sustainably made, ultimately elevating my whole outfit to look and feel more expensive. 

Be sure to check out Universal Standard as they add new products going into the new season!