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How to Survive a Library Lockdown

So the end of semester is in sight and you can’t wait to be done and hibernate for a month straight. Before you can lay around in pj’s all day, you must first complete your finals. With your motivation lower than ever, I suggest locking yourself in the library so that you can get those final assignments done and pass those finals. Here are some tips on how to survive a library lockdown.

1. Bring snacks!Bring something to munch on as you work. You should probably bring something healthy like an apple but it’s finals so all bets are off. Also, bringmsomething like candy as a treat so when you finish something you can treat yo’self.

2.  Bring a water bottle.

There is bound to be a water fountain somewhere in your library. Not only are you being green by bringing your own, you’re also saving yourself a few dollars in the process. Plus, staying hydrated is very important.

3.  Go with a friend.

Sometimes going to the library with a friend can be distracting so be sure that you actually study and don’t just end up hanging out the whole time. Basically I use my friends to watch my stuff while I run to the bathroom

4.  Bring lip balm.

The library is going to be super dry so bring something for your lips so they don’t get chapped. Also, it is always nice to keep some hand lotion with you in case your hands get dry as well.

5.  Don’t forget fun pens and highlighters.

Fun colored pens and highlighters make studying infinitely more fun. Or maybe that’s just me.

6.  Slip on some fuzzy socks.

Since you’re going to be there for a couple of hours, might as well be cozy. I love fuzzy socks so that’s my go-to but maybe for you it’s your favorite sweatshirt or a cozy flannel.

7.  Headphones, headphones, headphones!

Nothing is worse than getting to the library only to discover that you’ve forgotten your headphones. I love listening to music while studying so headphones are a must for me. I recommend checking out 8tracks. They have some awesome   study playlists.

8.  Chargers for all your devices

You’re working away when you realize that your computer is dying. Then to your dismay you realize you left your charger at home. Bummer! Always double check before leaving that you have your chargers with you.

9.  Coloring Book are cool.

Coloring books are all the rage right now. I love bringing mine with me for a study break. It lets me take a break without staring at another screen. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting yourself a coloring book ASAP. You can even find printable coloring pages online if you don’t have the funds to spring for one right now.

This finals season may the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck with finals everyone!

Hi, my name's Savannah and I'm an apple living in the big apple. I love red sour patch kids and huge cups of coffee. Always on the look out for good books and new adventures.
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