How to Save Money in College: Groupon Edition

Pace University
United States

Groupon: A resource loved by many, yet still unknown by a downright unacceptable amount of college students. Come on, we all know we’re ballin’ on a budget, so why not take advantage of any means possible to make you feel a little bit less of a broke college kid? I promise, if used correctly, Groupon will save your bank account while making your life more fun-and I’m here as your magic fairy godmother who’s here to tell you how.

I’ll be completely honest with you – Groupon is no huge secret. Speaking from experience, you’ve probably unknowingly been the guinea pig of plenty outings your mom found for cheap on the site. When my mom introduced me to Groupon as a way to get cheap mother-daughter massages, I was immediately hooked. Now I check it out before going to any restaurant, event, or retail store, and sometimes I use it just to randomly splurge-because why not? New York is famous for having plenty of cool things to do IF you’re willing to spend big cash. I, personally, am not always willing to spend that much cash, but I AM willing to spend a little extra time surfing the web to save a little extra money :).

It’s not rocket science to get these deals because honestly, if it was, I wouldn’t be rambling on about this. All you have to do is go to the Groupon website and search your pretty little heart out for any deal you want to find. I’ve found cheap concert tickets, spa passes, restaurant discounts, and even cheap Chinatown Fair passes on the site (side note: if you haven’t been to Chinatown Fair yet and live in New York, go now. It’s life-changing). If you’re a college student who wants to make the most of the wonderful city you’re in, wherever that may be, Groupon will make maintaining your bank account so much simpler.

At first, it always sounds too good to be true. “There’s no way Groupon actually has that great of discounts unless it’s a scam,” says all the haters.  WELL, I’m here to tell you from experience that it actually works, dudes. The prices on the website are significantly cheaper than most companies’ list prices and the deals aren’t a scam. I’ve used my fair share of Groupon deals successfully and have had no issues with the process thus far. I won’t lie and tell you I know how Groupon does it, but whatever they’re doing, it works.

So next time you feel like going to an underground comedy club or the New York City Bacon and Beer Classic (I’m mentioning this because I just scrolled past that deal on Groupon and it’s a real thing LOL), take advantage of the price cuts that are so easily available to you. Groupon doesn’t just have to be your mom’s best-kept secret because now YOU have the power to be a money-saving guru just like your mama would want you to be!