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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Succeed

Long-distance relationships are nothing new in our technologically advanced dating world. Not only have LDR’s gained in popularity but in the current COVID-19 climate they are becoming a new reality. As someone who has been in an LDR for 11 months, the distance can be incredibly tough on you and your partner. Even with the distance, it is always worth it at the end of the day to be with someone who you truly connect with. Through my experience, here are some tips for both new and veteran LDR couples.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is essential to every type of relationship, but in the tech-savvy world, sometimes things can get misinterpreted. Make sure you and your partner both feel heard and respected during serious conversations and never be afraid to tell how you really feel. Even outside of the serious conversations, have fun and goofy conversations with your partner.

Have Date Nights A Lot

Thanks to our technological world, date nights can be set up and shared with you and your partner. My boyfriend and I love to watch movies and tv shows together over facetime, it is a great way to share an experience together and have a few laughs. Make dinner together, listen to music, or play a game to make those special memories. 

Handle Tension and Stress Well

Tensions around the world are at an all-time high, do not take your stress out on your partner. Be open about what made your day hard and tell your partner if you need some space. Even if you’re like me and just want to constantly help others, know neither of you are superheroes and have your limits. Everyone deals with stress and anxiety in their own way, but it is not your partner’s fault.

Keep the Romantic Butterflies Going

Romance can happen outside of official date nights. I promise you, being cheesy and cute to your partner is NOT a bad thing. Send your partner head-over-heels with a cute good morning or good night heartfelt message, make something for them, send a cute gif, literally do and say anything that reminds you of your partner. Even if you cannot physically cuddle with your partner, sometimes just being supportive will mean the world to them.

Know Distance Will Not Prevail

The future does seem scary and uncertain in a lot of aspects right now. Some days will be hard in your relationship, but do not get scared away. The moment you reconnect or finally meet your partner will be one you remember for a lifetime, I promise you! Just keep that facetime going all night, spread love, and keep supporting each other, you will be just fine.

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