How I Met Taylor Swift

United States

I am still in shock that I am writing this post right now, I met Taylor Swift! In order to understand how this amazing thing happened to me, I have to start from the beginning. Last week I had the most magical week, all because of this crazy app 1iota, and this isn't sponsored! I've always had the app on my phone but never used it. It's essentially an event app, that allows fans to request free tickets to shows and events in New York City, LA, and more. When it was announced that Taylor Swift would be performing on the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, I knew I had to find my way there. I was able to get tickets through 1iota, and began to plan my trip to New York, planning to find time to celebrate a friend's birthday, and squeeze in some album release celebrations as well!

Since I knew I would be in the area I began to apply to more 1iota opportunities including a 'special performance from the Jonas Brothers" and various ticket levels for the MTV Music Video Awards. I ended up getting the Jonas Brothers experience and red carpet level tickets to the VMAs, I was in shock. I've never applied for tickets before, and here I am with passes to three amazing events in one week, seriously if you don't have this app already you NEED to download it ASAP.

While the Good Morning America concert was incredible, that is not where I met her, and she didn't surprise fans at the Jonas Brother's event either, even though that would've been a major 2006 throwback moment. I ended up being one of the few fans she greeted while on the red carpet for the VMAs! Although I always pictured myself meeting her someday, I didn't expect it at all that day, who knew if she was even going to walk the carpet, never mind come over to my section of the crowd. But like most swifties, I can be prepared with a note for her just in case. As she finished her interviews and posing for paparazzi, I held out my letter and hoped for the best.

By some crazy miracle, she made her way over to me, it felt like a dream. She took my letter and thanked me and all I could mumble was "I've waited my entire life for this" which sounds crazy, but in my mind, it feels true. There is always the saying that you should never meet your idols, but I am so thankful to have had a brief moment with Taylor because she was so kind and sweet. She made me feel like I was the only person on that red carpet with her and was one of the few celebrities that day to take the time to greet and pose for photos with fans.

Although my moment with her only lasted less than a minute, it's something I'll never forget. All the years of attending concerts, pop-ups, and random events trying to let her know how much she means to me, it finally happened. It truly feels like a miracle to me! When you get the chance make sure to buy or stream her new album Lover, you won't regret it!


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