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How I Got Tickets to See Harry Styles Multiple Times

The first time I saw Harry Styles was August 11th, 2014, at Nationals Park on the Where We Are Tour with One Direction. I was only twelve at the time and do not remember a single thing from the concert other than the fact that it was raining but my biggest flex will always be that I saw One Direction live before Zayn left the band. Jump forward seven years later and I just saw Harry for the first time as a solo artist and it was the greatest night of my life.

My mom and I had been trying to get tickets for over a year when we finally decided that we would wait until closer to the concert when ticket prices dropped. We had eventually decided that October 3rd at Madison Square Garden was going to be our show and we would get tickets no matter what. We bought matching T-shirts, sunglasses, booked hotels, and got ready for Harry. and exactly a week before the show bought our tickets to go see Harry on VividSeats

Our seats were section 112 second row. I ended up paying $500 for each ticket, at least triple the face value. Definitely overpriced but I wanted to go to the show so bad I didn’t even care at the point. From all my searching I found that Vivid seats had the “cheapest” resale tickets. My mom and I had the best time ever at the show, my mom fell in love with Harry. Our seats were amazing. With the stage in the round for this tour, I would argue that there is not a single bad seat. Harry runs around the whole show and everyone got a chance to be faced by him. 

Fast forward the next day when someone in my class was giving away a cherry pit ticket to his show the next day and offered it to me, I of course took it. So the next day I was in line to see Harry again with a free pit ticket. I don’t have any tips on getting a free ticket because it was truly pure luck. I once again had the time of my life. I stood at the end of one of the runways, the side where he sings “Falling” and was in the second row and once again had the time of my life.  
Going to see Harry quickly became an obsession of mine, once I went twice I knew I had to go as many times as I could. So after seeing him on the 3rd and 4th I was already trying to see him again on the 16th and either Harryween show but I knew I couldn’t go crazy buying expensive tickets this time. I followed @/handwrittentixs on Twitter and @/hslottickets on Instagram and turned all their notifications on and dedicated hours to refreshing the tags “Harry”, “NYC”, “tickets” on Twitter trying to find reasonably priced tickets for the 16th at MSG and Harryween.

Tickets for the third show were no doubt the hardest to get. I was having no luck on Instagram and Twitter with people having a bidding war on tickets. The cheapest ticket I could find in the lower bowl was for $600 in the 18th row. I kept waiting to see if tickets would drop as it got closer to the show but if anything they were only going up. So I panicked and bought the $600 ticket and had the best time. It was definitely overpriced and I knew my mom would be mad. I spent that much on a concert ticket but when it comes to Harry I can’t control myself. From there I knew I would try for harryween tickets. 

Once again I went back to refreshing every page every 5 minutes. The Friday before the show I didn’t have any classes and completely dedicated the day to finding tickets for harryween for my mom and me. When I say I was full-on falling asleep starring at my phone from boredom. I was searching for hours straight. I didn’t have much hope when it came to Ticketmaster at that point but I decided to check it one more time before taking a nap. I opened the app and two tickets in section 113 popped up for only one hundred dollars each. I thought I was dreaming. I tried not to get my hopes up as I was going through the checkout since I had been getting so many error codes on Ticketmaster. I clicked the last checkout button after putting in the card info and stared at the loading screen until eventually, the “The tickets are yours’ ‘ screen popped up, and still couldn’t believe I just got that lucky. Our seats were behind the stage but we were so close and getting to see Harry on stage dressed as Dorothy felt like a fever dream. 

I am extremely lucky and privileged to have been able to see Harry as many times as I have on this tour and will be forever grateful to have been able to experience it so many times. Now that I am completely broke and have drained my savings account my biggest tip for getting Harry tickets is to not give up! Tickets go fast and they’re so many scammers out there. If someone is trying to sell you tickets and the price is almost too good to be true it most likely is. Always ask for proof before sending any money and don’t ignore the red flags. Even one thing that seems off probably means it’s a scam. In my opinion, Harry is always worth it. His shows are always amazing and I will never get sick of seeing him. 

I'm a sophomore at Pace University majoring in Arts and Entertainment Management and I love Harry Styles
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