How To Have Fun At A Theme Park In Your 20’s

Manhattan, New York
United States

Ah, Spring Break. A time when college kids find somewhere warm to spend a week with their friends to forget about all of the tests and group projects that await them when they return. This year, my friends and I chose to go to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not a traditional spring break location for twenty-year-olds. However, we had a really amazing time. Theme parks aren’t just for kids and I’ve got some tips to make them even more fun if you’re a college student like me.

1. Go with friends!

I had been to both Disney and Universal Studios several times before this trip, however, I had always gone with my family. While I’ll always cherish those memories, there’s something about going with just your friends that immediately makes it feel more adult. You don’t have to schedule your day and make stops for the younger kids; you have complete freedom and it’s so much fun.

2. Rides, Rides, Rides

If you’re a ride lover like me, I suggest taking full advantage of every ride you possibly can. While it’s super fun to check out the shops and shows, rides have always been my favorite part of any theme park. Plus, it’s so much fun getting to experience them with my friends!

3. Take advantage of unique food and drink options!

I absolutely love the food and drink options that both Disney and Universal offer. I personally like to drink as many Butterbeers as possible in Harry Potter world and don’t even get me started on the dole whip in Disney. Take FULL advantage of all the delicious opportunity because, after all,  it IS vacation. For all those older than twenty-one, both theme parks have some pretty delicious “adult” options as well; there’s nothing more adult than drinking in Disney, (legally of course).

4. Don’t forget Instagram opportunities.

Both Disney and Universal provide many perfect locations for your next Instagram post. This is something I took full advantage of. I personally love taking and editing photos so I enjoyed looking for all the best spots to take pictures! Disney has so many iconic places like the purple wall and the bubblegum wall! On the other hand, Universal is where you can take a photo with Hogwarts in the background so, they might win. I personally had so much fun with my friends taking photos in both parks! 5. Get the express pass!

I can not stress this tip enough. In Disney, fast passes are free so this tip doesn’t really apply. When it comes to Universal, I highly recommend purchasing the express pass. Sure, it might seem expensive but it’s totally worth it. My friends and I got to do everything we wanted in both parks on our last day because of the express pass. Plus, it feels kind of badass strolling past the super long line that you don’t have to wait in.  

Listen, theme parks aren’t just for kids and I highly recommend going in your twenties if you can! Spending a week with your friends riding rides, eating food, and taking Instagram photos made for a perfect spring break. Now back to reality!