How to Become The Most Desirable Candidate

Manhattan, New York
United States

Going to school in New York is not traditional for a college experience. With the lack of a private campus, we don’t get the same experience tailgating every football game, traditions in the courtyard, or even a tight-knit community based on school spirit. Instead, we get unlimited access to food, sights, people, and opportunities.

I go to Pace University in Lower Manhattan where our motto is “Opportunitas.” While it’s still my first year at this school, I would say my list of accomplishments in this short amount of time is impressive. Aside from doing well in my courses, I am in numerous clubs on campus, have an internship, and took on the role as Senior Editor for Her Campus at Pace University (NYC.)

As a business major, it is essential to have a long list of experience on your resume and be a pro at networking. The same could be said about most fields/majors; we are living in an age where you have to do the most to stand out, but it’s becoming impossible to fake it. Being located in New York City gives me access to many more opportunities than a student on a campus in the middle of Minnesota (shout out fellow Minnesotans!)

I came up with a list of little things you can do that can help grow your resume and make you a more diverse applicant regardless of your major or location.

  1. 1. Join School Clubs

    I don’t know if it’s just my school, but clubs on my campus are incredibly active. Join any clubs that might be slightly related to what you might want to do when you graduate. Those experiences and connections you make could get you a job someday. Don’t be afraid to try out for positions on the e-board. Not only will you pick up skills related to that position but you will also be an essential asset to a successful school club. If anything, you’ll gain something interesting to talk about in future interviews.

  2. 2. Read the News/Newsletters

    Sign up for daily/weekly newsletters to local, national, and subject-based newsletters to keep updated with the world. First of all, it’s good to be informed about what’s going on in the world. Signing up for subject related newsletters will keep you updated with important news in your industry. I can guarantee many, free newsletters will interest you and keep you informed.

  3. 3.   Learn New Skills

    Whether you work on your writing skills or teach yourself how to photoshop-learning something new will only expand the skills section on your resume, but you will also gain possible conversation starters. Between YouTube and Skillshare, you have no excuses not to start today (okay, tomorrow).

  4. 4. Join Groups on Social Media

    Surprise, surprise-You can join groups on Facebooks and LinkedIn! By finding groups on sites like these, you see what peers and professionals in are up to. Joining these groups will give you insight into the future of your field might be like.

  5. 5. Learn To Be Productive

    I love being busy and always finding something to do. My days are fully scheduled with events, meetings, classes, and even time set aside to see my friends. I was not always like this; I had to find an interest in being productive. Find people that inspire you to do more. For me, it was Casey Neistat; a YouTuber with over 11 million subscribers. His dedication to his craft and inspirational speeches made me want to be more like him. When I interview for jobs/internships, they're always impressed by how busy I am and how I have learned to manage it. Adding more to your schedule will be more beneficial in the long run than that extra season on Netflix.

Despite your school and location, you can still take advantage of opportunities that can give you a leg-up in your professional career. Whether you’re in college or not, keeping your resume updated and interesting will put you on top.