High Tea for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

New York
United States

This past week, Her Campus teamed up with the Peer Advocates Against Sexual Assault (PAASA) to hold High Tea, where students could take part in a tea party while safely discussing consent and learning how to spot unhealthy relationships.

April is sexual assault awareness month, and as a female-run organization, we want to make sure our readers know what resources they have on campus. PAASA is a confidential, peer advocate organization, which means that in the case you need to pay them a visit, nothing you say will be shared with anyone, and you can either talk to an advisor or one of your peers.

We wanted to make talking about consent and relationships fun, and PAASA just so happened to know Niki Davis-Fainbloom from Mount Sinai SAVI Hospital, who made the event so comfortable and funny. The workshop made us all laugh, and in turn, we each felt more equipped to talk to a partner about anything.

Watch out for the next time we partner with PAASA, so we can talk about the issues that matter to everybody.

We also discussed how to recognize unhealthy relationships, and how to help a friend recognize if they're in a toxic relationship. I suggest everyone attends something similar, because not only are you helping yourself, but you could be helping other people you love, too.

Her Campus wants to thank both PAASA and Mount Sinai SAVI Hospital for their help with this event. Make sure to follow what PAASA has in store for the rest of sexual assault awareness month!

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