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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Women’s sports are growing faster than ever before. Leagues like the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) are major contributors to the landmark advancements made in women’s sports. Living in New York City gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy and support our local women’s sports teams. On April 14, 2024, I was able to go out to Red Bull Arena to support NY/NJ Gotham FC as they played the Kansas City Current. 

Maureen Corrigan’s Point of View: 

As a massive fan of Gotham for quite a while now, I was ecstatic to take my good friend Casey to her first Gotham and overall women’s sports game. For me, it goes beyond just a space to enjoy sports; it’s a community where everyone feels at home and accepted. Walking into the gates of Red Bull Arena, you’re able to see people from all different backgrounds who have found a safe space to be themselves and become a collective, even if it’s only for 90 minutes a week, to share this space with friends only makes it more special.

Going out to a Sunday game tends to be the highlight of my week, and this week it especially was, since it was Gotham’s home opener. As this is the start of the season, the anticipation for the first Gotham home game was extremely high. After signing numerous new players (including multiple players from the USWNT) and winning the championship, fans made sure to show up, resulting in a total attendance of 8,573. The attendance set a new club record for the largest season opener, clear proof that women’s sports are growing and becoming more popular by the day. With the growth of the game and investments in women’s sports, the day that they are on equal footing with men’s teams is looking to be in the near future.

As with most Gotham games, there was a “Fan Fest,” which is a little pre-game hangout for the fans, and this one was particularly special, as former Gotham player Ali Krieger was there meeting fans. After watching Krieger play a massive role in winning the championship last season, following her through her time on the USWNT, and seeing her play a pivotal role in the fight for equal pay, it was exciting to be able to interact with someone whom I so deeply respect. This made the “Fan Fest” that much more enjoyable because this was the first game back on home turf and it was the day the champions were presented with their championship rings. So having the opportunity to see this significant moment in club history was great, especially with the returning players who are no longer with the team.

Watching the game itself is always the highlight of my time there, especially on this specific occasion. Having the opportunity to see my friend experience the magical environment created during games for the first time made it worthwhile. Even though the game ended in a draw after a tough battle with the Current, it was still amazing to see the excitement of the children around us watching the team. The ability to go to games so easily and share these experiences with my friends is one of the best parts of supporting our local women’s soccer team, not to mention the soccer itself, which I find more intense than most of the men’s soccer games I watch (this is probably why the USWNT is the one with four World Cup wins). 

Casey McLaughlin’s Point of View:

As a huge sports fan, I’m no stranger to a Sunday afternoon at the stadium, but this game’s energy felt so different than anything I had experienced before. I had a blast walking around the “Fan Fest” before the gates opened, and exploring Red Bull Arena. Getting to see how excited everyone was for a women’s sports game felt so inspiring, as I know the fanbase has never been as big as it is today. The arena was packed with fans decked in Gotham merch, and there was even a cheering section for the away team, which is how you know the game is a big deal. 

Attending a Gotham game with Maureen meant getting to sit in the best seats in the house: front row, right behind the goal. This game was electric; watching the crowd light up for every goal attempt was as exhilarating as ever. The best part of this game though, may have been getting to watch Maureen absolutely fangirl and freak out when one of her all-time favorite players, Ali Krieger, made an appearance and gave a speech before the game began. The young fans were also a highlight of the match. It was so inspiring watching little girls get to look up to athletes that look like them. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the match was that it ended in a tie. Why does soccer do ties? 

After going to a Gotham FC game, I’m proud to call myself a new Bats fan, and I can’t wait to go to another!

Maureen Corrigan is a chapter member of Her Campus at Pace chapter. She covers areas such as music, tv, pop culture to even personal experiences. She has been writing for Her Campus at Pace since the start of her sophomore year. Outside of Her Campus Maureen is a senior at Pace University with Communications and Media Studies major and a minor in Digital Media Studies. She is also a member of the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace and was previously on the marketing team as a content creator. Aside from Pace University and school work, Maureen has worked as a PR and Marketing intern at the buyer to buyer re-commerce startup Bulkk.io. When Maureen isn’t in school or interning she can be found absorbing all kinds of media, spending time outside, working at farmers markets, among other things. She is a big music fan, especially Taylor Swift and Fletcher. Maureeen is a frequent attendee of concerts around New York City attending as many as possible, most recently including Sawyer. She is also oftentimes watching women's soccer whether it be watching WSL from the comfort of her home or even going to watch NY/NJ Gotham NWSL games in person.
Casey McLaughlin is a chapter member of Her Campus at Pace. She is a Junior, and this is her first year as a contributing member. She covers areas such as music, sports, pop culture, personal experiences, and concert reviews. Casey is majoring in Communications and Media Studies, and has a minor in Digital Media Studies. Her goal is to either work in Social Media or Public Relations, and she would love to work at a record label. Her real dream job though, is to direct a commercial for the superbowl. Along with being in school, Casey has worked as a barista for the past two years. She also walks dogs all around Manhattan. In her free time, Casey enjoys reading, watching Philadelphia sports, and going to concerts. Her favorite thing is live music, and has been to many concerts, such as Taylor Swift, Valley, and Pierce the Veil. Casey’s favorite band is The Band Camino, and she has seen them 9 times. When school is not in session, Casey goes home to suburban Philadelphia, where she likes to go to Phillies baseball games, where she boo’s the other teams. She also likes to hang out with her puppy, Sammy.