'Gilmore Girls' Characters' Coffee Orders

When Her Campus Pace decided to host Fandom Week, I immediately wanted to write about Gilmore Girls. I have loved the series for years, ingraining many aspects of it into my personhood; I connect with the characters and turn to my favorite episodes for comfort.  I am currently re-watching the show in its entirety for the fourth time. 

At first, I thought maybe I would discuss my feelings on Rory’s love life. Every Gilmore Girls fan has a favorite – lately, I have been struggling to choose between Jess and Logan. Then I thought, what if I explain why I believe every young woman should watch the series at least once. Rewatching it as a college student I would even radically expand that to needing to watch the show twice, once while in high school and the other while in college. While both of those topics are fun to talk about and I could write endlessly on them, they are a bit overdone given that the show aired two decades ago, and also very serious and not as exciting. 

This leaves me with my third idea – what I believe each character would order at a coffee shop. (Third time’s the charm!) Coffee is a fundamental trope of the show, mentioned in every episode by Lorelai and/or Rory, and has likely caused fans to develop an addiction similar to the main characters. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts:

Lorelai Gilmore’s go-to is black coffee, the stronger the better. Throughout the series, Lorelai made it abundantly clear that no coffee is better than that of Luke’s Diner, a cup cannot be poured quick enough. Nothing is better than the first sip feeling, leaving no time to add milk or sugar. While yes, she confessed her love to Weston’s caramel swirl, in the end, she came back to the simplicity and consistency of black coffee.

Rory Gilmore has a tendency to mimic her mother, but while she appreciates black coffee her favorite would be something a bit extra. Once on her own at Yale, during her visits to the coffee cart she orders macchiatos. The strength of espresso keeps her going through hours of studying and the milk foam adds a bit of character. Similar to her character it is the perfect juxtaposition of classy and flair.

Emily and Richard Gilmore go for a classic cappuccino. They likely have the most expensive machine and coffee imported from the best coffee trades around the world. The Italian roots give each cup a notion of luxury, similar to how they wish to be defined.

Luke Danes is health-conscious and has called out Lorelai on her addiction multiple times, so I believe his go-to would be a tea. He likely keeps it simple, occasionally adding ice or sugar, maybe even milk. If he is feeling really crazy, he will go for a green tea. But overall, simplicity is key.

Lane Kim has spunk, and her drinks reflect it. Her coffee order would be a Frappuccino, one with a sweet flavor that gives a brain-freeze if you drink it too quickly. She would stick with caramel or vanilla bean but will try any new flavor or fads.

Paris Geller drinks straight espresso, all day every day. She is likely at the point where four shots no longer wire her and an extra shot before bed becomes routine. Paris is hard to keep up with, so her drink of choice cannot be for the weak. 

Dean Forester only drank coffee when he was with Rory. Before her, it was occasional. During their relationship, they had coffee dates because she enjoyed it and after their relationship coffee would forever remain a bitter-sweet memory. Therefore, he sticks to water in the morning, a bit bland but at least he is hydrated!

Jess Mariano goes for a regular coffee with cream and sugar. It’s classic, you cannot go wrong with it. His focus is more on the book he is reading with the cup in hand, not on what is inside the cup.

Logan Huntzberger orders cold brew, every time. Not everyone is familiar with what it is, and even then, it is a bit of a mystery. Cold brew is strong and gives off pompous energy, fancier than regular coffee but not the luxury and title of drinking cappuccinos. He might even spike his morning brew.

What character’s coffee order would you go for?

“Everything in my life has something to do with coffee.” – Lorelai Gilmore