Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

Our wardrobes transition with the seasons, making it difficult to stay on top of what to keep out and what to stow away in “the box.” We all have one - maybe it’s a basement, attic or under the bed box. Regardless of where your box lives on the off-season, it serves the same purpose year round: hold past seasons items to make room for what’s ahead. During every transition, I sit down and think, “what do I really need this season?” This year, as I was picking my fall collection to bring back to school, I noticed I was missing some essentials and some that simply needed to be replaced.

Here’s what I couldn’t live without, for the fall season:

Black Booties

         Anyone that knows me knows I’m obsessed with black booties (I have mom to blame for this). Three years ago, I found my dream pair of booties in the ALDO outlet and they’ve somehow lasted me up until now. I’ve struggled to find the perfect bootie to replace my old, beloved ALDO ones. Some key details I look for are a pointy toe, manageable heel and durable material. New York City streets can give your booties quite the beating, especially if you listen to music while strutting your stuff. Luckily, I found the most beautiful pair of Marc Fischer booties at TJ Maxx; not only were they the perfect look but the perfect price as well!

Light Weight Long Sleeves

         Fall is the time I find myself layering the most. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a cozy long sleeve when the weather isn’t cold enough for a thick sweater just yet. Basic, light weight long sleeves are perfect for this in between time; you can throw a cardigan, jacket or a scarf over them if it’s on the chiller side!

Blanket Scarves

         Blanket scarves are the perfect accessory to add to your fall wardrobe. You can wear them as a traditional scarf, a shawl, or my most famous look – around my head when it unexpectedly starts raining. My friends always joke that I look like an Italian grandmother when I bundle my head up. It’s also an amazing way to block the wind from your face and hair! One of my favorite blanket scarves is from Zara; they have huge, high quality scarves that wont break the bank.

Light Weight Jackets

         What’s a girl to do when it’s not quite cold enough to break out the winter wool but needs a sufficient layer? Throw on a lightweight denim jacket or bomber of your choice. I absolutely cannot live without my Levi’s denim jacket; it has pockets to fit the essentials and totally upsells any outfit. Even lightweight pea coats are perfect for fall. This season, I want to add a caramel waterfall coat to my collection.

Remember, with essentials like these, try to prioritize quality. I consider these pieces staples for any successful fall wardrobe. These items should last you at least a few years and remember, they aren’t trend splurges but collection investments. Keep an eye out for sample sales, check out stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls and outlet centers if you’re on a budget! Enjoy the crisp colors of fall in style.