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EP Review: Shane Harper’s “Apt. 401”

Shane Harper has been my favorite artist ever since I saw him sing “One Step Closer” in the “Battle of the Bands” episode of Good Luck Charlie in 2010. His music is so special to me and has been a huge part of my life, and  I’ve pretty much listened to Harper’s music every day since I was 9. He was the opener at the first concert I ever went to, and I even got to meet him for five seconds (which was amazing). Most people who know me don’t know that he is my favorite solo artist because I don’t talk about him much, but that was because he hasn’t released anything in 4 years, but on September 4th he dropped his new EP Apt. 401.  His latest work stays true to his pop capabilities, but delves deeper into his life and experiences.

Harper’s vocals are beautiful in every song on Apt. 401 and bring emotion to each track. The EP kicks off with “Love U Again,” a melancholy tune about the struggle of fighting for love. The song felt very short, but still manages to tug at listeners’ heartstrings. The second song, “Riverside Drive,” is probably my favorite off the entire EP with its catchy lyrics and nice background track. “Say I Come Over” is another sad love song. The lyrics are relatable and the rhythm is catchy. Apt. 401 ends with “Dec 27,” which is yet another beautifully sung tune. 

In my honest opinion, each song sounds almost the same. I was slightly disappointed when I first listened to Harper’s EP, as I expected to hear bright, happy pop ballads and not sad heartbreak songs. However, I am amazed by his ability to write such meaningful lyrics and how he put the EP together by himself from his apartment. Harper’s songs have had that effect on me since I was young. As I grew up, I found myself going back to his old songs and finding the lyrics more relatable than ever. He is extremely talented and I love him so much (I just added these new songs to my sad song playlist rather than my upbeat one).

Overall, the slower pace of this EP isn’t my type of music and not what I expected from Harper in comparison to his older stuff. Still, I’m ecstatic that he’s back on the music scene and will be releasing more work. I’m proud to have been a fan for so long and to have followed Harper’s career since his Disney Channel days. He has come a long way, and I can’t wait to see what is to come. I wish more people listened to his music because it’s truly amazing and has helped me through so many parts of my life.

Melanie Bumpus is a freshman at Pace University majoring in Communication Studies (and fluent in Arrested Development quotes). She is either at a concert or watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the millionth time. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9551530/
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