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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Okay, I am sure that we are all aware at this point that Emma Chamberlain is THAT girl. At just 20 years old, she has been able to achieve so much. However, it’s come to my attention that some people do not think Emma is THAT girl, or aren’t aware of her presence. Let’s talk about it.

Emma Chamberlain rose to fame from her YouTube channel, which is relaxed and lets her personality shine through. Her editing is definitely unique compared to other YouTubers – the constant zooming, text on screen, and pausing the video to just casually talk to the camera are just some of the ways she stands out. Chamberlain never puts on a front for the camera. She’s always been herself and I think that is a major reason as to why everyone loves her. Chamberlain is extremely relatable and, at the end of the day, people like to see some type of representation of themselves on screen. From what I can tell, it only took two months for her to get noticed. Now that is the definition of THAT girl. 

Another reason as to why Miss Chamberlain is THAT girl, is due to the fact that she has such a big impact on fashion. Honestly, if it’s trendy … it’s because of Emma Chamberlain. Trends like Dr. Martens, sweater vests, yoga pants, scrunchies, shoelace belts, and more have all been started by the influencer herself. To me, it seems like Chamberlain is wearing clothes that she truly enjoys and does not care if others don’t like it. She also has uploaded videos of her thrifting, which have contributed to the rise in popularity of thrifting today. Also, can we talk about her Coachella looks!?! Literally slayed. 10/10. My favorite was her monochromatic red outfit. The different patterns, the boots, the accessories… it’s just too good. While we’re on the topic of fashion, let’s bring up her Met Gala look. The Met Gala is fashion’s biggest night, and, in 2021, Chamberlain made her Met Gala debut and walked the carpet in a stunning Louis Vuitton outfit. It was honestly one of my favorite looks from the whole night. Speaking of Louis Vuitton, let’s not forget that she’s a brand ambassador and is constantly attending fashion shows. It has been about 5 years since Emma started her YouTube channel and she’s already achieved monumental success and recognition. Let’s not forget she has her own coffee brand (Chamberlain Coffee) and a podcast (Anything Goes). Keep in mind that Chamberlain is only 20 years old (soon to be 21 on May 22)! Overall, it’s clear to see that Emma Chamberlain is truly THAT girl. Her influence on fashion and quick rise to fame speak from themselves.  I love her so much and cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in the future!

PK Kennedy is an active member within Her Campus at Pace. They are a social media assistant and help oversee Her Campus at Pace’s Pinterest account and write weekly articles focusing on, but not limited to, local events, music, and film/television pieces. Outside of Her Campus, PK is a senior at Pace University (NYC) and is majoring in Communications and Media Studies with a double minor in Digital Marketing and Arts and Entertainment Management. Recently, PK has been delving into multiple social media and design platforms to further their knowledge about digital marketing. During this school year, and beyond graduation, they hope to continue to learn more about photoshop and video editing software. Beyond school, PK enjoys listening and discovering new music, enjoying a cup of coffee and a sweet treat, having hour-long conversations about Star Wars and/or Marvel. If not doing any of the items listed above, PK is most definitely “rotting” in bed and gaining more knowledge about astrology and rewatching their favorite movie/TV shows again.