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Elena Gilbert’s Wardrobe Decoded: Shop Her Iconic Pieces For The Fall Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Nina Dobrev’s portrayal of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries undeniably continues to influence the fashion choices of many young women even six years after the series finale, thanks to the “Elena Gilbert-core” trend blowing up on TikTok. 

The teen drama’s protagonist effortlessly blends timeless and modern elements in her wardrobe, making it accessible for those seeking autumn outfit inspiration. Her signature style is dominated by neutral hues such as black, gray, white, and earthy tones, mirroring the autumn landscape in Mystic Falls. Plus, her collection of leather jackets and knee-high boots adds an edgy yet chic touch while keeping her warm.

For those still in school or college, Elena’s earlier seasons’ outfits feature Henley tops, converse, and flared jeans that make her fashion relatable, comfortable, and easy to incorporate into a fall wardrobe. Dressed like her, you might just hit the jackpot and score one or two vampire boyfriends. 

American Eagle

American Eagle has always been known for its casual clothing. In fact, many of the tops you see Elena Gilbert wear were from the popular American retailer! AE offers a wide range of long-sleeved Henleys, flared jeans (both high and low-waisted to tailor to your liking), and denim jackets. The store’s collection of casual and relaxed apparel along with a range of muted warm shades captures the essence of Elena’s down-to-earth style. From a wide selection of denim that mirror her signature looks, to basic tees, and the “AE Knee-High Boots,” American Eagle has you covered this fall.


Hollister is another ideal spot to snag Elena Gilbert-core essentials, as seen on social media. Just like American Eagle, Hollister specializes in laid-back and trendy attire, making it the ultimate place to get the Elena Gilbert aesthetic starter pack. The store’s collection includes a range of flared jeans to jackets, echoing the TVD character’s preference for denim. You’ll also find a variety of cardigans, lace-trimmed camis, and babydoll tops.

Old Navy

Old Navy is known for its affordability and high quality casual apparel. You’ll find basic long sleeves, the “Women’s Classic Non-Stretch Jean Jacket,” and the “Faux-Leather Belted Biker Jacket,” reminiscent of the iconic black leather jacket Elena debuts in the series’ pilot episode. Right after your shopping spree, you’ll be ready to show off your fits at school or while roaming around your city, hoping to bump into a potential vampire lover.

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is popular among young women for its ability to create effortless yet cute everyday wear while emphasizing simplicity and versatility. The brand is particularly recognized for its selection of comfy and stylish basics, lace trimmed tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts perfect for layering. Their cable knit cardigans and sweaters are the cherry on top for that cozy look, and they would definitely keep you warm in Mystic Falls.


ThredUp is the largest online resale platform that specializes in secondhand fashion. The marketplace offers a wide range of brands and designs at discounted prices, making it a sustainable and budget-friendly option for shoppers. When browsing their site, you will find some of Elena Gilbert’s screen-accurate clothes, including her iconic True Religion jeans that are discontinued in stores. Given its extensive inventory, you have a higher chance of finding rare and unique must-haves. The shop is like a treasure chest for vintage items from the early 2000s! Additionally, ThredUp offers a user-friendly experience. By simply entering keywords and phrases such as “American Eagle,” “Abercrombie and Fitch,” or “boot-cut jeans” into the search bar you’ll be prompted to specific discontinued pieces that the protagonist wears in the show.


Amazon, the multifaceted shopping platform that offers a vast array of clothing options, makes it a convenient choice for those seeking to have a closet that screams Elena Gilbert. There’s even a dedicated page named “Elena Gilbert Outfits” where it boasts a collection of Y2K staples, including Henleys, lace camis, and patchwork tops like the “Women Y2K Long Sleeve Tee.” For those committed to embodying her character, you can purchase the famous vervain necklace for that extra layer of authenticity. 

If you’re in search of more Elena outfit inspo, feel free to visit my TikTok and Pinterest accounts, where I share content showcasing the Elena Gilbert-core clothes I own.

Kaytie Jimenez is a senior at Pace University's New York City campus. She has been a member of Her Campus Pace since the fall of 2022. Within the academic sphere, Kaytie is majoring in international business management and minoring in finance. Her educational pursuits are testament to her dedication to intellectual growth and professional acumen. During her free-time, Kaytie indulges in a myriad of activities such as playing the piano, reading, journaling, and traveling. Last but certainly not least, her Colombian heritage endows her with an encyclopedic knowledge on coffee and has an unwavering passion for “The Vampire Diaries.”