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‘Do Revenge’ Is a Love Letter to the Many Great ‘90S Films Before It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Do Revenge embodies all the aspects you love about ‘90s teen films. It’s filled with iconic fashion moments, juicy plot twists, and seamlessly balanced comedy and drama.

Dreya (Camila Mendes) is Queen B at the exclusive Rosehill Country Day School in Miami, Florida. Despite being in the popular clique, she is on a scholarship and was not born into wealth, like her boyfriend Max (Austin Abrams) and best friends. After Max leaks an intimate video of Dreya to the internet, she befriends social outcast Eleanor (Maya Hawke) at tennis camp, who is starting at Rosehill in the fall. Eleanor is angry with a Rosehill student, Carissa, for outing her sexuality when they were in middle school. The girls, Eleanor and Dreya, bond over their trauma and hatch a revenge scheme against the people that wronged them.

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke have excellent onscreen chemistry and balance each other out. Camila plays the perfect popular girl. She’s self-centered and egotistical, yet witty and likable – you can’t help but root for her throughout the film. Maya brings a sense of naivety and insightfulness into her role as Eleanor, but she is sharper than she lets on. The girls have an “us against the world” mentality and will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

I love how the film doesn’t take itself too seriously – even in the heavier moments, it never felt
weighed down or cringe like so many recent “teen comedies.”

Do Revenge acts as a love letter to the many great ‘90s films before it. Its revenge plot and ending feels reminiscent of Cruel Intentions; ‘90s superstar Sarah Michelle Gellar even plays the Headmaster at Rosehill. The fun makeover moment leading to an unexpected friendship felt straight out of Clueless with Cher and Tai.

Now onto my favorite part…the fashion. Right out the gate, the film erupts into a world of pastel greens, lilacs, and baby blues with Rosehill’s uniforms. Costume designer Alana Morshead looked at South Korean uniforms for inspiration. The girls opt for berets, capes, and plaid skirts. Both the guys and girls wear cardigans, pressed white shirts, and ties.

Dreya’s wardrobe is quintessential ‘90s fashion but with a Miami twist. She dawns ‘90s staples like sheer layers, fur-trimmed jackets, and mary janes. She isn’t afraid to dress in bright colors and prints. A standout outfit for me was the matching fuschia and white herringbone two-piece set. Dreya’s feminine but bold wardrobe commands the room, and you won’t catch her in a scene without a pair of statement earrings or a matching hair accessory.

Eleanor’s wardrobe is more inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s. Post-makeover, she opts for a feminine style; long gone are the days of oversized graphic tees and baseball caps. She dresses in rich golden yellow, orange, and red tones and wears an array of bucket hats and mod floral prints.

If you’re bored this weekend and love a good ‘90s teen movie, give Do Revenge a try. I think you’ll be surprised about how many funny moments the film holds and how you will fall in love with the character’s wardrobe!

Olivia is a student at Pace University in NYC pursuing a Communications and Media Studies degree. She loves writing about all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related!