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Disney’s “Hercules” Can Go the Distance in Germany

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Bless my soul! Disney’s Hercules has made its way to the stage once again, this time in Germany. I’ve always loved Hercules, inaccuracies and all, but the part I love the most about it is its killer soundtrack. From tracks like “Go the Distance,” which plays on the hero’s journey through heavy musical theater inspiration, to “The Gospel Truth I,” the show’s soulful prologue, Alan Menken’s score has withstood the test of time. 

Based in Hamburg, the Neue Flora production will have some significant distinctions from the version that played in the United States at the Public Theater’s free Shakespeare in the Park series in 2019 and the Papermill Playhouse production in 2023, respectively. 

The trailer for the production shows beautiful costuming and set design, while the production’s version of “Zero To Hero” ties everything together. The producers, cast, and crew have already dazzled thousands with the trailer, and I have to admit that I’m one of them.

The costumes in this show are stunning. The muses look otherworldly in their flowing Grecian-inspired dresses. Hercules has multiple outfits that all encompass where he is in the story. Starting off with his original toga, representing his working-class upbringing, all the way to his armor, showing his prowess as a hero. Don’t even get me started on Megara. Her iconic purple dress has made its way to the stage and is a sight to behold. She looks regal and strong, everything that makes up Meg’s character, and she even gets a sword at one point! The costumes work exceptionally well with the heavy blue and purple color palette of the lighting.

I’m not a classically trained vocalist; I enjoy singing enough to have taken a few months’ worth of lessons in high school, but let me be one of the first to tell you that these actors sound amazing. The cast is led by Benét Monteiro, a Brazilian actor with a list of roles under his belt. Monteiro’s rendition of “Go the Distance” (translated as “Endlich Angekommen” or “Finally Arrived” in English) is beautiful. His performance is full of emotion and resonates so wonderfully that it brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions. Monteiro is joined by Mae Ann Jorolan as Meg, Leslie Beehann as Kalliope, Chasity Crisp as Thalia, Venolia as Terpsichore, UZHO as Clio, and Shekinah Mcfarlane as Melpomene, creating a rounded-out cast that sounds absolutely jaw-dropping. I can’t wait for this show to move to the U.S. and I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to see it when it does.  

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