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Not Okay (2022), a new movie directed by Quinn Shephard, dives into a generation that is entirely online. Shephard explores themes of hyper-fixation fame, subsequent shaming and inevitable targeted hate of those who rise to influencer status. 

The protagonist, Danni Sanders, who is portrayed by Zoey Deutch can at first appear to be somewhat relatable if you ignore the heeded warning of an unlikable protagonist and tone-deaf attempts to gain status. Danni, in her overwhelming and consuming loneliness and desperate want for affection, fabricates a story about being invited to a writing retreat in Paris to grasp the attention of her work crush Colin (Dylan O’Brien). Danni relies on her experience as a photo editor, to trick her followers and Colin into believing that she is actually in Paris while she stays at home in Bushwick, New York. However, during Danni’s falsified trip to Paris, there is a real terrorist attack that takes place, and Danni then uses the attack to insert herself into the tragedy, as a survivor. And due to the media coverage of the Paris attack, Danni is finally able to get her dream of being well-liked and well-received by strangers on the internet. 

The movie serves as a satirical analysis of the journey of the rise and fall of an internet star, showcasing the brutal influence social media has and how it tends to turn some tragedies into a commodity. It isn’t until she meets Rowan (Mia Isaac), a survivor of a school shooting, that she realizes the extent and impact of her lie, leading her into a spiral of guilt and self-loathing. The guilt manifests as hallucinations and nightmares that revolve around a hooded suspect throughout the film. As the lies unfold and the downfall of Danni Sanders is imminent, the viewers get a scary look into the nature of cancel culture and the heinous lengths that hatred will go to.

 The film isn’t meant to make you feel sorry for Danni Sanders, it really harps on her off-putting personality and misguided efforts at connection. Overall, that is what is attractive about this movie, viewers see Danni’s world crumbling from the inside out and we just can’t look away. Not Okay showcases how these drastic highs and lows of social media can affect a person, the way in which trauma manifests for survivors and cancel culture. It is honestly a great film to watch on Hulu if you can stand to see the protagonist make every wrong decision and contribute to her own demise. 

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