Daniel Santiago '18

Name: Daniel Santiago

Year: Sophomore (’18)

Major(s): BFA Dance

Hometown: Suffolk, Long Island

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

How has your time at pace transformed you as a dancer? How has pace changed your perspective on dance? “Dancing at Pace has helped me grow up in know that dancing isn't all about how good you are but how smart you are.”

What current pieces are you working on? “Currently working on pieces for our show Dance Out Loud.”

Do you enjoy choreographing more so than being in a piece and being given choreography? “I like being given choreo because it gives me a chance to further explore who I am as a dancer and gives me another opportunity to express my style.”

Where do you hope dance will take you in the future? “I can see myself on Broadway, that’s not my first option as a job but I'm open to everything because I've learned that it’s smarter to say yes to everything and say no to nothing.”

Do you ever see yourself on Broadway? “I hope dance takes me anywhere honestly. I'm open to choreography and performance so I'm satisfied with pretty much anything.”