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Colourpop x Raw Beauty Kristi is Finally Here!

Raw Beauty Kristi has quickly become one of my favorite beauty influencers and YouTubers. She’s not only passionate about her work and supporters, but she’s also hilarious and comforting to watch! Kristi gives off a unique and refreshing energy and is one of the content creators that I both trust and idolize.

This past week Kristi has announced a very exciting line with Colourpop, a makeup company that is known for their collaborations. She’s expressed her desire for a collection with Colourpop for years now, and fans were ecstatic when it was announced that the two were joining forces.

This collection with Colourpop is a very personal one, inspired by Kristi’s home state of Washington. Kristi shared on social media that she wanted users to experience the state of Washington through her line, describing it as nature-centric and cottagecore-inspired. In my opinion, Colourpop nailed this concept, thoughtfully packaging and branding the collection to reflect the beautiful forest landscapes that Kristi calls home. 

Kristi explained that she had selected all of her favorite products from Colourpop for her collection and designed each one to complement the others. The full collection includes the “At Forest Sight” eyeshadow palette, four “super shock” shadows, three crème gel liners, and two lip glosses. The star of the collection is the eyeshadow palette, which can be accompanied by the other products to create cohesive looks. Kristi explained that to achieve the most accurate shades, she took pictures of the landscapes around her home and pulled the colors directly from her photos. Ranging from neutrals to more colorful shades, the palette is versatile and the entire collection complements all skin tones.

After seeing her swatches, everything appears to be creamy and pigmented, as could be expected from Colourpop, and I’m eager to get my hands on some of the products! The entire collection can be found on Colourpop’s website, and products can be purchased individually, in smaller bundles, or as a full collection. The line sold out completely on launch day, but luckily there will be a restock on December 11, just in time for the holidays!

Kristi has mentioned over and over again how incredibly grateful she is for all of the opportunities that she has been given this year, and time and time again is amazed by her success. As a long time supporter, I’m extremely proud of her accomplishments and excited to see what other projects she has in store!


Giselle Garriga is a sophomore majoring in Economics with a minor in French at Pace NYC. She enjoys baking, reading, and exploring the city in her free time!
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