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Breaking: Pedro Pascal Breaks His Back Carrying the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Season three of The Mandalorian has been confirmed for over a year now, and we finally got a full-length trailer. There’s a lot happening, and I’m not too smart, so here are some predictions of what we might see. 

Grogu & Order 66

Of course, we’re getting more Order 66 points of view. This has been a running theme in the franchise since Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm. Am I tired of it? No way. Seeing Order 66 from different perspectives has always been something extremely interesting to my silly little brain. Now, we’re getting Grogu’s (Baby Yoda) side of things. The show has already shown that Grogu survived Order 66 in the Jedi temple, and that is why he has closed himself off from the force. But now, the show is delving deeper into how he escaped. Personally, I’m hoping that we get to see him make his way out by himself like the strong, independent, little green frog creature he is. 

Mando Accepts the Title of Mand’alor 

Pardon the Mando’a in this section. For background, Mando’a is the language of the Mandalorians. The more you know. Anyways, the main man Mando won the dark saber in combat at the end of season two, and now he is the Mand’alor, or the king of Mandalore – the planet of the Mandalorians. Mando had been reluctant to take the title of Mand’alor, but now it seems as though he is ready to reunite his people. The season seems to be setting up the reinstatement of Mandalore and its culture. Maybe Mandalorians won’t have to hide in scattered coverts anymore. Maybe Mando can rebuild the city and his people following the siege of Mandalore. 

Grogu Becomes a True Mandalorian Foundling

In the trailer, a quick glimpse of the Armorer forging a helmet-like object is shown. Is this a tiny Mandalorian helmet for Grogu? He already has Beskar chainmaille, so could this be Grogu’s next step toward swearing the creed? Grogu with a little Mando helmet might actually send me into cardiac arrest. Also, if Grogu can’t speak, can he even swear the creed? Will he just telepathically be like, “This is the way”?

The Helmet Stays On

Once a season, viewers have been treated to Pedro Pascal’s face being revealed from behind the helmet. This season, however, that most likely won’t be happening. This comes less from the trailer and more from just my weird knowledge of Pedro Pascal’s filming schedules. While The Mandalorian was filming for season three, Pedro Pascal was in Canada filming for The Last of Us, (another TV show I wrote an article about this week). Pascal doesn’t physically play Mando this season, though he definitely lends his voice to the gruff tin man. 

While I’m personally very disappointed that Mando’s face will likely not be shown, it could add some more depth to the character. In season one, Mando was very reluctant to take off his helmet, even for a droid to save his life. In season two, the helmet is removed so that Mando’s foundling can see what he looks like, assuming they will never be together again. If Mando doesn’t remove the helmet in season three, this could lead to a regression of character, or perhaps, a progression of character. The covert that Mando belonged to was an extremely cultist group of Mandalorians. They feared for their safety so much that they refused to remove their helmets after swearing the creed. 

This could go either way, as stated previously. If Mando refuses to take off the helmet, that could mean he is trying to regress back to the emotionless warrior he had been prior to saving Grogu from the Empire. This could be for a multitude of reasons: protecting Grogu, protecting his people, or becoming an emotionless ruler, to name a few. On the other hand, this could be a progression of character. While Mando may choose to leave his helmet on, he has proven that he has moved past other Mandalorians living without that stipulation. This could allude to the restoration of culture on Mandalore, exactly what it seems Mando has in mind. 

Please keep in mind, I’m simply theorizing about one of my favorite shows. I could be completely incorrect, or I could be a psychic. But, until March 1, I won’t know. All I know is, come at me LucasFilm, I can take it. 

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