Best Late Night TV Games

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James Corden and Jimmy Fallon are the kings of odd late night games. They and their team of writers have concocted some great and unusual games for their viewers to enjoy.

Here are some of my favorites:

Jimmy Fallon’s Pup Quiz

Celebs answer animal trivia and instead of earning points, they earn puppies! Yes, it is as adorable and amazing as you think.

James Corden’s Tattoo Roulette

Okay, so this only happened one time but, it was with the boys of One Direction and oh so great. The boys and James opened boxes that either said “Yes” or “No.” The player with the “Yes” box had to get a tattoo on the show.

Jimmy’s Egg Russian Roulette

Jimmy and his guests take eggs out of a carton and smash them on their head. Eight of the twelve are hard-boiled and four are raw. The first one to smash a raw egg loses.

James’ Flinch

Guests stand behind a glass wall with a drink in hand. The other guests load fruit into a “canon.” When the guest behind the glass least expects it, they shoot the fruit directly at the glass. The purpose is to spill the least when flinching. Video playback determines the winner.

 Corden’s Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts

The best game on late night by far is Spill Your Guts. Guests gather around a table filled with stomach-churning concoctions (i.e. salmon smoothie, bird salvia, etc.) and must either answer a question or consume the item in front of them. The questions are often ones the stars or James won’t answer, making for some great TV!