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Bachelor Finale Part 1: Why Peter is Still Confused

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

The Bachelor has become a staple in American television dramas. Let me state first that I am not a Bachelor superfan- Hannah Brown’s season grabbed my interest and then ruined it within an episode. This season viewers got to experience Peter Weber’s journey to the television version of true love. Usually, the faithful fan base tunes in every week to watch the fan-favorite girls being sent home and the toxic and oblivious girls being given the roses each week.

Coming into my watch party, the only knowledge I had for this season was what Twitter told me happened but quickly I realized how messed up the sudden 2 part finale is. My first impression of Peter was that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy until I heard about the 2-on-1 date where he sent both home- not cool, Peter. To kick things off, we got an emotional battle between Peter and his parents on the topic of finalist Madison. Peter seemed genuinely in love with Maddy as he defended their relationship. After the conversation, Peter pivoted to the girl the family was actually meeting; Hannah Ann. 

Hannah Ann genuinely seems like a sweet and innocent girl, but the chemistry was just not there during the family meeting. Hannah Ann’s speeches to Peter’s parents seemed fabricated but it worked as she hooked Peter’s mom better than she did Peter. But let me restate what new and old fans alike are saying about this experience; Hannah Ann is not the one for Peter. Peter just genuinely did not seem invested in possibly getting engaged to this girl. But after the lackluster chemistry, the audience finally got Madison.

Madison and Peter were not in the best of places, which is normal for any relationship. But the couple forgave each other and Madison confessed that she would have married Peter weeks ago. After the emotional break, they pulled themselves together and went to meet Peter’s family. Peter’s parents aren’t exactly fan favorites (or Peter’s favorites) right now as they only talk about how the couple is in a rough spot right now. Madison gave genuine and heartfelt speeches about how she wants the best for their son, but then everything went wrong. 

After Madison left, Peter’s mom decided to have a full-on breakdown over her beloved Hannah Ann and not wanting Peter to get engaged to Madison. Peter comes to Maddy’s defense but ultimately by the end of the episode we learn that Madison decides to leave the show. Through Madison’s unwanted departure, Peter is left with Hannah Ann as the finalist. 

Even though Peter had his decision made for him, everyone can tell that Hannah Ann is just not where Peter’s heart is. The night before they were supposed to be engaged Peter’s heart was still being pulled in two different directions, which hurt Hannah Ann of course. The two ended their night with a rift between them.

Throughout part one of The Bachelor finale, even if I am not a superfan I can still see and tell when Peter is in love, and that love is not as strong for Hannah Ann. Peter’s mom having her emotional moment and begging for him to pick Hannah Ann might have actually had a reverse effect on her son’s heart. As of now, no one knows what Peter is going to do. Is he going to get engaged to a girl he truly is not in love with or will he allow Madison to have a second chance? As Chris Harrison says repeatedly “no one knows what is going to happen.”

 Find out who Peter chooses on The Bachelor finale tonight on ABC

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