Artists To Listen To In 2020

2020 marked the beginning of a decade, with high expectations, the year has already been off to a great start for music. Uniquely, music today is all about genre-blending. With platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify, streaming has truly changed music allowing everyone to put their own twist making it difficult to label.

I would say that I listen to a wide variety of music, probably not as much as some others. However, here are a few artists that are either 1. Releasing music in 2020, 2. Have already released music that is worth listening to, or 3. Are likely unknown with some good tracks to listen to. Here is a list of my top 10 recommended artists of 2020 thus far with Spotify links to add my favorite songs to your playlists.

  1. 1. Justin Bieber

    Justin has become extremely controversial and I would not call myself a fan. “Yummy” was terrible. I hated it. His new album “Changes” is worth listening to; most of the songs sound the same but you should jump on that train and just get off at the next stop. 

    My Favorite Song: “Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever)”

  2. 2. Melanie Martinez

    We all remember Melanie from her Cry Baby days, but in 2019 she released K-12 which also acquired a feature film to go along with the tracks. I do not remember hearing much about the album when it was released but I recently stumbled across the film and loved it! Her style is so unique and I admire the sequential storytelling complex that artists like FKA Twigs also incorporate into their art.


    Watch K-12 The Film on YouTube here!

    Favorite Song: “Lunchbox Friends” (EXPLICIT)

  3. 3. Saint JHN

    This Brooklyn based rapper has been my favorite artist for a good two years now. Not only is his music amazing, but he also has a really cool style that I take inspiration from. Recently, he has been collaborating with numerous artists including Beyonce on “BROWN SKIN GIRL” for The Lion King and is said to be releasing another album this year. He is going on tour again and I would try to get tickets ASAP if it isn’t sold out already. 


    A song you might recognize is “Roses” (EXPLICIT) which has recently been gaining popularity in the UK working its way up the charts.

    Favorite Song: “High School Reunion” (EXPLICIT)

  4. 4. Barny Fletcher

    Barny Fletcher is a UK based rapper with a unique flow that makes you listen to every song at least twice. Not only is his music great, but his personal branding is significant, creating artistic music videos and a fun Instagram. He has a substantial international following on Spotify and I expect 2020 to be his year.

    Favorite Song: “Christ Flow” (EXPLICIT)

  5. 5. 30

    I recently just discovered this artist so I am learning more about him. I would say that his music can be described as ‘underground rap’ which is perfect to get you pumped up for any occasion.

    Favorite Song: “2020 Freestyle” (EXPLICIT)

  6. 6. Christine and the Queens

    Their song, “People, I’ve been sad” caught my attention and I have no idea how I found it. Christine is a French singer, although she does sing in English as well. According to her Spotify biography, artists like David Bowie and Laurie Anderson influence her eccentric style. Personally, I love listening to music in languages I don’t know; this started with French and Swedish rap and just continued to expand. 

    Favorite Song: “People, I’ve been sad”

  7. 7. Sofi Tukker

    This duo has been around for a while but I don't think I've listened to any of their music. They were Grammy-nominated for their song, "Drinkee" in 2016, but their song "Purple Hat" has been super popular lately. It's in the sequel film, "PS I Still Love You" and is destined to be the next Tik Tok hit. I am calling it here and I was the first to use it in a video.

    Favorite Song: "Purple Hat"

  8. 8. Caitlyn Smith

    This country artist has written so many well-known songs but is finally trying to make it big with her powerful vocals and raw emotion. If you "don't like country", you should still check it out. Her flare on the genre gives it a modern feel with old country roots staying true to the genre. 

    Favorite Song: "Put Me Back Together" (EXPLICIT)

  9. 9. Jampi

    Jampi is the smallest artist on the list. Apparently I am one of his 319 monthly listeners in New York City. Honestly, I just listen to his song “Cleansed Pt 2” on repeat, never failing to listen to it at least once a day. It just puts me in a really nice mood.

    Favorite Song: “Cleansed Pt 2” (EXPLICIT)

  10. 10. Roy Woods

    If I were to describe Roy Woods, I would have to say that he has more R&B vibes. His last album was released in 2017 but has been releasing singles in 2020 that I expect to gain popularity this year. I foresee an overall gain in popularity for R&B which is overall exciting.

    Favorite Song: “Get You Good” (EXPLICIT)

Everyone on this list deserves to be here and all of the songs mentioned are worth listening to. I wouldn’t recommend it but you can follow me on Spotify, my username is kyliegeatz. I try to make new playlists that go along with every season but I would check out my “Liked Songs' ' because there will be a new song at least every day.