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All Of Your Last Minute Amazon Halloween Decor Needs



I fell like Halloween comes quicker and quicker every year and it’s hard to plan everything when you’re focused on midterms. Don’t worry, there are still a few days to decorate and still get a costume or two together for Halloween this Thursday. Plus, I’m sure there will still be plenty of fear-induced excitement. If you plan on having friends over, want to get in the Halloween mood or just want to take a cute Instagram picture, you still have time to order some cute decor on Amazon! Here is a list of some of the cutest decor on Amazon if you can’t make it to a store near you.


Halloween Cloth – $13.99

This would be so cute and easy to store in any dorm or apartment! 


Halloween Bat String Lights – $5.69

Who doesn’t love bat lights? Personally, I think you should keep these up all year long.



Fun Foam Pumpkins – $5.00

These foam pumpkins are so cute and won’t become gross after a few days indoors.



Rustic White Pumpkins – $21.99

These pumpkins are so sophisticated and you can really keep them until December!

Skull Candy Holder (can also be used for plants) – $7.99

This skull can hold candy if you plan on handing them out or buying some the day after when it goes on sale. Plus, it can double as a plant holder for an edgy asset in your room. 


Spider Web – $4.97

This is essential for the holiday.



Halloween Window Stickers (47 Piece!!!) – $11.99

If you live in a dorm, this is a simple way to dress up your tiny room. Plus, these ones glow in the dark!


Hopefully, this helped with any of your last minute shopping Halloween shopping. Have fun and be safe!

My name is Kylie Geatz. While I work towards a career in the music industry, I enjoy my time spent living in NYC exploring, drinking too much coffee, and attending different events/concerts. Feel free to reach out and comment on any of my articles on any of my social media accounts (@altkylie)!
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