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A Personal Story: I’m Glad You’re Not In My Life

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This is dedicated to absent fathers everywhere. You all will get the karma you deserve and you suck.

Men get away with everything. They hurt people, lie to people, abuse people, and damage everything in sight. If you’re reading this and you’re a man thinking “Well… I am not like those guys”, just stop. For about six years now, I have dealt with my own absent father who possesses all of those qualities I previously listed. Only showing up once a year for Christmas, in which he would show up hours late and blame “traffic”. Over those six years I have grown a lot, and I thought the wounds would heal overtime instead the hatred has grown stronger.

Sometimes I feel responsible for this conflict, but I realize I will never be enough. I try to be a better person, but he just is constantly the victim. Poor grown man, wondering why his daughter hates him after years of emotional abuse, allegations, stalking, and SO much more. No wonder, I’m glad you’re not in my life.
You never know what I’m doing unless you have someone stalking me on Facebook. You don’t even know when I’m graduating, and what degree I am going to hold. I was the villain for not texting you, when the fact is you never respond. You don’t text me on my birthday, and you never even told me when you got re-married. I’m glad you’re not in my life because frankly YOU are the bad person.

If you were a good man, why do you do awful things that people cannot heal from. I’m tired of crying, while you forget I exist. I don’t need sympathy, your fake gifts, or anything. I want people to stop treating you like the victim, when in-fact I am a victim of you.

I hope one day you realize how badly you messed up. I hope you grow up one day and act like the 40 year old “man” you are.

All I know for now is I’m glad you’re not in my life.

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