91st Annual San Gennaro Feast

Little Italy, NY
Mulberry Street
United States
40° 43' 11.6904" N, 73° 59' 49.4628" W

This past week, I attended the 91st annual San Gennaro Feast in Downtown, Little Italy with my roommate Nicole (who also happens to be our fellow Secretary). This is the fourth year I have attended the festival; it is something my friends and I look forward to all year. It is a great way to kick off the school year! Here is some advice on how to get there and what to eat.

Getting there/home:

  • From Pace University, take the local 6 train uptown two stops to Spring Street.
  • When you get off the train, take the stairs to the left and once above ground, walk straight.
  • You will see the festival straight ahead; decide which direction you’d like to walk in.
  • You can get home the same way you came.
  • If you want to walk home, make a right on Mulberry Street. The festival ends at Canal Street; from there, walk straight down Mulberry, make a right on Worth Street and a left on Park Row.

What to eat:

  • A mozzarepa: mozzarella cheese between an arepa (arepas come from traditional Venezuelan cooking, it is a corn based bread – this is similar to a grilled cheese) $5
  • Steak sandwich: six-inch garlic bread hero with cheese, steak and onions $12
  • ANY dessert from Ferrara’s (this time I tried strawberries with cannoli cream 10/10 $6)