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4 Coffee Shops in NYC I’d Highly Recommend


  1. Swallow Café

       156 Atlantic Ave

       Brooklyn, New York 

If you’re like me, you worry about not finding a seat at any coffee shop you pop into. Compared to many I have visited, Swallow Café had plenty of open seating. There are areas specifically reserved for those dining and those using a laptop. There is also a lofted area with seating overlooking the entire café, how cute is that? The wood and brick accents create a peaceful workspace that’s worth the trip and totally Insta worthy!

  1. Ground Support

        399 W Broadway

        New York, New York

Being one of the very first coffee shops I checked out after moving to the city, I like to call this one my go-to, whenever I am wandering around SoHo. Despite the seeming small workspace, the rustic/cozy atmosphere and the delicious Iced Mocha makes up for it. Not only that, the employees are extremely kind and make the experience all the better.

  1. Birch Coffee

        21 E 27tStreet

       New York, New York

If you happen to be near Madison Square Park and craving a quick coffee to-go, this is the place for you. While the crowds of customers come and go, the service is excellent and always on top of it, making the long lines seem not so long. In addition to the somewhat-wide variety of seating, there is a cute little library in the back corner surrounding a small workspace to get away from the hustle and bustle.

  1. Irving Farms

        78 W 3 St

        New York, New York

Maybe it was because I was here during one of the very first days of Fall, but I could not help but love the aesthetic of this place. I could have stayed for much longer than I had, and trust me, I was there for quite some time considering I bought something twice. Not to mention, the location is prime with Washington Square Park right around the corner and tons of shops surrounding it. Everyone was super kind and welcoming, and the music they were playing was very calming, thankfully because I had lots of work to get done!

Having just transferred to Pace University, I am beyond grateful and excited to finally be living in New York City pursuing not only a Communication Studies major and a double minor in Digital Media Studies and Journalism, but also my life long dream of working for the media. I have a huge appreciation for music as well as photography, and wish to see as much of the world as humanly possible! I cannot wait to see what this life has to offer me.
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