3 National Issues to be Concerned with Right Now

Puerto Rico
United States

1. Puerto Rico

  • What’s Happening: After being hit with their second major hurricane within a month, Puerto Rico is in dire need of supplies and our help. The island is currently without power and aid from the government until some time next week. Celebrities and private companies are donating resources and supplies as well as helping citizens leave the island. The government seems to be unable to move quickly enough to handle the situation.
  • Why you should care: Puerto Rico is an American territory; therefore, the people who lost and are losing their lives were/are American citizens. As citizens of the United States, we should all be concerned with the safety of fellow Americans during any natural disaster. They should be receiving the same aid as Florida and Texas, with the same speed.
  • What to do: Donate to reputable organizations who are currently working to improve conditions post natural disaster. Contact your Senators and the White House and urge them to take action.​

2. Health Insurance

  • What’s Happening: On Tuesday, the newest and arguably most extreme plan to repeal Obamacare was declined because of a lack of votes. If it had passed, it would leave millions with pre-existing conditions without insurance and take funding from states that worked hard to get low-income Americans Obamacare. States would then have to create their own health insurance programs by 2020 and many programs from Obamacare would be cut from future funding. While the bill had many flaws, these were some of the big ideas people had in mind when calling their Senators to vote no.
  • Why you should care: Health insurance is a right, not a privilege. As Americans, we are guaranteed life as one of our inalienable rights. In order to sustain that right, we need access to health insurance and medical care. Millions of Americans would lose their lives if a bill like the Graham-Cassidy bill was to pass.
  • What to do: Contact your Senators and encourage them to work on a bipartisan bill that will correct the issues of Obamacare while keeping all Americans insured.

3. Title IX Rollbacks

  • What’s Happening: Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos, has stated that she will not protect Title IX programs that were put in place by President Obama’s administration. Under the programs guidelines, schools were meant to assist, support and protect sexual assault survivors. DeVos plan is said to suggest that schools will be expected to take both sides into consideration when handling an assault case and treat both sides with equal fairness. As Secretary of Education, she cannot change the laws, only the way they are enforced.
  • Why you should care: If policy is untouched but DeVos begins encouraging schools to look at both sides fairly, there is higher potential for the schools to mishandle a case; going against policy in the confusion. As a result, this would mean lawsuits for many schools. This also shows Americans where the Trump administration stands on these issues. They could very well push for policy change on these laws within the near future.
  • What to do: Contact your Senators and express to them that the Title IX guidelines created during the Obama administration matter to you; ask them to stand up for them. You should also be reaching out to schools if they have yet to ensure that things will not change. Inform your school that you want them to stick to the current policy when handling sexual assault cases. Remember your influence as a student.