27 Things I Love About Harry Styles

On February 1st, 1994, a little boy named Harry Styles was born and the world was never the same. It truly does drive me crazy 

just how fast the night changes, because this year we celebrate the star’s 27th birthday. So, in honor of that, here are the

top 27 reasons I love Harry Styles! 

  1. His Music:  Seeing as he is a musician, it feels wrong to start this list off with anything other than that. For the past 10 years, he’s been gracing our ears with some of the most beautiful tunes I’ve ever heard. From his early days in One Direction, he was destined to be a star, and now he is incredibly accomplished with two solo albums and three Grammy nominees. He has emotional ballads like "Ever Since New York" and best selling summer hits like "Watermelon Sugar", proving that there is nothing he can’t do. 
  2. His Kindness: Since the beginning of his solo career, he has had the mantra “Treat People with Kindness” follow him everywhere. He then made that saying into a song for his second album, which was then given a music video that was released on January first. Everyone around him has said that he practices what he preaches, which makes me love him even more. 
  3. His Friendship with Lizzo: A little over a year ago, the world was blessed when Harry covered “Juice” by Lizzo in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. If that wasn’t good enough, he then joined Lizzo on stage in Miami to perform it with her. This duo has proven to be the cutest friends ever, and I couldn’t be more obsessed, and jealous that I haven’t gotten an invite to their next hang. 
  4. His Relationship with GucciThe world's best Gucci model, Harry Edward Styles. Whether it be doing a campaign for the brand, filming a music video, or playing one of his sold-out concerts, Harry is very rarely seen in anything other than a Gucci ensemble. And I am not complaining, because he always wears it better than anyone else could. 
  5. His Saturday Night Live performances:​ With the release of his self titled album in 2017, Harry was the musical guest on SNL, performing "Sign of the Times" and "Ever Since New York", and even appearing in a sketch. He did amazing as always, and I didn’t think it could get any better than that. That was until he was asked to be on SNL again, but this time, he got to host as well. He was incredibly funny, and many cast members praised him for being so good at it. Seriously, is there anything he can’t do? 
  6. How Kind He is to Fans: Harry’s fans, called “harries”, relationship with him certainly isn’t one-sided. Seeing as his fanbase is predominantly young women, it’s pretty easy and popular to make fun of fans of his work. But, whether it be sending snacks to people waiting out in the cold for him or direct messaging a fan on Twitter to tell her crush she likes him, he has proved time and time again that he’s here for us as much as we’re here for him.  
  7. His Relationship to Stevie Nicks: They say don’t meet your heroes, but I sure am glad that Harry met Stevie Nicks. After spending years admiring her work, the pair met and have now performed together numerous times. Not only that, but she has developed an admiration for him, calling Fine Line his Rumours and giving him one of her coveted crescent moon necklaces. 
  8. His Vogue Cover: For the December issue of Vogue, Harry was the first male to grace the cover, which was met with mixed praise. While many loved both the photoshoot and interview, some were stuck on the fact that he was wearing a dress. Republican commentator Candace Owens expressed her disdain for the photoshoot, saying we need to “bring back manly men.” But, Harry didn’t let her have the last word when he posted a picture from his Variety cover shoot and captioned it with her own words. 
  9. How He Can Act: In 2017, Harry appeared as Alex in the film Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan. Because there is nothing he can’t do, he did incredible in the film and will be showing off his acting chops again very soon. He is currently filming Don’t Worry Darling, a film by Olivia Wilde, which is set to come out in 2021. 
  10. His Covers: Not only is he great at singing his songs, but he does some of the best covers I have ever heard. Whether it be Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” or Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”, he makes every song he sings sound like it was written for him. 
  11. His Zane Lowe interview: With the release of Fine Line, he sat down to interview with Zane Lowe. It’s 45 minutes long, and for me and harries everywhere it is free therapy. Not only does it pick his brain and the world of Fine Line, but it is also the interview where he says “If you’re happy doing what you’re doing then nobody can tell you you’re not successful,” which is my favorite Harry quote of all time
  12. His JW Anderson Cardigan: Leave it to Harry to wear something once and have it be labeled as one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the entire year. At his Today rehearsal, Harry came on stage in a patchwork cardigan, which inspired so many people, including myself, to make a replica of it. 
  13. His Stage Presence: Not only does Harry bring his beautiful music to life on stage, but he also brings his humor and charisma. So many iconic jokes have been born due to his on-stage personality, and I can’t wait to see what "Love on Tour" brings us 
  14. His Sweaters: Next in the category of iconic pieces of clothing come his sweaters. Whether it be a lamb with the quote “My life is crap” or a little chick in an egg, he has the best sweater collection that I would love to borrow from some time. 
  15. His Hair: His name is Harry, so I guess he was destined to have great hair? Over the years has proven that he can pull off every single hairstyle. He’s had long hair, short hair, a curly mop, and, my personal favorite, prince's hair, and each one of them looks incredible on him. 
  16. This TweetWhat does it mean? Who knows. But I’m glad he said it! 
  17. His Music Videos: From his first solo music video for “Sign of the Times” to his most recent for “Treat People with Kindness,” Harry’s creativity shines through in every video he makes. One question though, are we ever going to get that music video for Two Ghosts? 
  18. Everything About Him at the 2020 BRIT Awards: From his 3 different costume changes, to his beautiful performance of “Falling”, to his drunken debauchery, Harry came to make a statement at the 2020 BRIT Awards. And seeing as I still think about it daily almost a year later, he did.
  19. His Band: Anyone who’s a big fan of Harry is also a fan of Mitch Rowland, Sarah Jones, Ny Oh, Adam Prendergast, and Charlotte Clark. He has assembled, a great group of musicians to play with him, and I fell in love with them just like I did with Harry.
  20. That One Time When He Ate an Orange at the VMA’s: On his way to the 2013 MTV's Video Music Awards, he found an orange in the elevator and just… ate it? Like while sitting behind Rihanna, in the middle of an awards show, he just peeled and ate his orange. 7 years later, and it still makes me laugh. 
  21. His Love for His Family: Mother Anne Twist and sister Gemma have always been an important part of his life, and I love it so much. When Harry did his Vogue shoot he brought Gemma along as a surprise for his mom, and it made me love that photoshoot even more, which I didn’t even know was possible.
  22. His NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Surprisingly, there is something so beautiful about artists performing their songs in a cramped office. Harry proved how great it is when he stopped by NPR to perform a few of his songs, and it’s one of my favorite performances of his. The simplicity of a more stripped down version of songs like “Cherry” was incredible, and he also looked adorable while doing it. 
  23. His Performances of “Kiwi”: Consistently throughout the years, Harry has been ending his shows with the 7th track from his self titled album, “Kiwi”. More specifically, he ends it by taking a big sip of water that he then sprays out, which I still can’t figure out how he does. It is a perfect ending to what is always a perfect concert, so I hope he doesn’t stop any time soon. 
  24. His Tattoos: Throughout the years, Harry has been getting more and more tattoos, and I am certainly not complaining. Whether it be the Green Bay Packers tattoo he got as a bet or the very well placed laurels tattoo, each one looks so perfect on him. My personal favorite? The drama masks he has on his arm. 
  25. Harry Styles: Behind the Album: For his self titled album, he put together a documentary of him playing through each song on the album and talking about the process of it. Each of the songs are so perfect and hearing how this brilliant album came to be is amazing, so Harry if you’re reading this I promise it’s not too late to make one for Fine Line!! 
  26. "Harryween": What better way to spend Halloween than with Harry Styles himself? While it had to be postponed, Harry had the brilliant idea to do "Harryween: A Fancy Dress Party at Madison Square Garden" on October 30th and 31st, and I can’t wait. I’m not kidding, I am constantly on the edge of my seat wondering what his costume will be.
  27. Literally Everything Else: Over the past 10 years, if I’ve learned anything it’s that there are endless things to love about Harry Styles. He is maybe the peak of humanity, and I can’t wait to see what happens in his 27th year. Happy birthday Harry!