2018 Winter Olympics

pyeong chang
United States

The Winter Olympics are here! As a huge fan of the Summer Olympics, I have to admit that some names of the sports leave me confused. So, I have a compiled a list of some of the most “interesting” Winter Olympic sports and broken them down for everyone out there like me – who cares more about Olympic Swimming than Olympic Skeleton.

1. Biathlon

The jest of this sport is a combo of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Athletes cover crazy distances, stopping along the way at shooting ranges. 

2. Skeleton and Luge

These two are similar in action, but the direction athletes face when they throw themselves down the ice track changes the event. Luge means throwing yourself down an ice track on a tiny sled, feet first. Olympians can pass 80 mph, and steer with their legs and shoulders. Skeleton is basically the same idea, but head first; steering involves using the head and shoulders. 

3. Curling

Basically, a team of people, each with an important role that I don’t understand, get together and push a granite stone towards the center of the scoring area. The captain of the team decides how things go down; he’s called the skip!

4. Moguls

In this event, freestyle skiers do crazy aerial tricks while they jump as high as a six-story building. They are judged on height, landing, and the tricks they perform while in the air.

Enjoy the Olympics! Go Team USA!