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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, hence why I wanted to make my first article about these 13 amazing songs. I know there are a lot of articles out there like this, yet this one is special because these songs always pick me up whenever I’m down. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these cool tunes.


1). “Wish You Were Here” // Pink Floyd

    Now I must have heard this songs a billion times before I started school. Growing up, and even to this day, my father only plays Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. This song in particular stuck with me because not only would he always play it in the car, but it was also his ringtone. I would have the lyrics “we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl” stuck in my head for days. I did not understand the song’s meaning at the time so I thought they were literally singing about fish. Now this song is a sort of comforting for me, especially since I moved six hours away from my family, it gives me a sense of home.


2). “Sweetener”// Ariana Grande

    If you did not already know, Ariana’s new album is full of BOPS. This song always puts me in a great mood and it’s super fun to dance to with your friends. It took me a few listens at first but, damn, once I realized I enjoyed it, I could not take it off repeat. My favorite part is obviously when she repeats “Get it, Hit it, Flip it, Twist it, Mix it, Kiss it..,” it’s just so enjoyable that you just can’t help but dance along.


3). “Ribs” // Lorde

    I have listened to Lorde for quite some time now and this has always been one of my all-time favorite songs. The haunting lyric of “I’ve never felt more alone, it feels so scary getting old” is incredible. There can be so many people surrounding us and yet we can still feel so alone. This song also touches on about refusing to grow up even though it is inevitable. I will never forget listening to this song before my best friend left for college and just crying because neither of us were prepared for moving away.


4). “Robbers” // The 1975

    Arguable one of the band’s best songs. I think I just listened to it so much that it brings back memories and gives a weird sense of comfort for me, even though it’s about a rocky relationship. The classic lyrics “She says, ‘babe, you look so cool,’” repeated is still iconic to this day. Even though it sounds like a compliment, it’s about not being able to move on with their lives because they are so wrapped up in a toxic relationship. I listened to The 1975 a lot during my Sophomore year of high school and, coincidentally, started listening to them more again in my sophomore year of college.


5).”Bambi” // Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time now and let me tell you, this song is very different from their old stuff but wow— is it good. Not only is it extremely catchy, it also gives off a sort of comfort with the smooth bass. “Bambi” is one of those songs that you can jam out to, yet could also fall asleep to it.  The lyrics that really stick out to me is definitely “I think that I’m living if you can call it living,” that describes how sometimes our minds are consumed with thoughts that make us feel like nothing’s real.


6). “Long Live” // Taylor Swift

    I have loved Taylor Swift for as long as I can remember. It was very very difficult for me not to fill this entire list with Taylor songs. However, this song is one that has resonated with listeners throughout the years. My favorite lyric from this song has always been “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you,” just because there are so many different interpretations, like it could be about struggles you had in a romantic relationship or, for me, sharing wonderful memories with all of my closest friends. We had the time of our lives with each other and also endured through the hard times with one another by our sides.


7). “Fake Happy” // Paramore

    Yes, I know Paramore really killed it with their latest album so it was hard to pick just one song off the album. However, I chose this one although it is so catchy, the lyrics speak so much truth. We’ve all gone out when we didn’t want too and pretended to be ecstatic that we were there. This song is not only relatable, but also really fun to sing along to. Just the lyrics “I bet everybody here is fake happy too,” really makes you think if everyone really is ecstatic to be somewhere or if it’s a huge burden for them as well.


8). “Anna Sun” // Walk The Moon

    A timeless classic. Everyone who listened to ‘indie’ music knows this song and you just can’t help but dance and sing along. I first heard this song at summer camp and I just remember blasting it while we were cleaning the cabin and we ended up having a dance party. I adore the lyric “We’re gonna rattle this ghost town,” that reminds us how we can shake things up and have the time of our lives just by being with people that we love.


9). “Rivers and Roads” // The Head and The Heart

    This is another song that deeply reminds me of summer camp. This song would be played on the last night of camp and the whole cabin would just cry together. The lyrics “My family lives in a different state,” and “I miss your face like hell, “is what really got to us. Some of us were from the same town but there were some that lived out of state. We all also knew that while we would stay in touch, it would never be the same as camp. Summer camp will always hold a special place in my heart


10). “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” // The Smiths

    Yes, I found out about this song through the movie, 500 Days of Summer, and yes, that is my favorite movie. Even with the morbid lyrics like “to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die,” it’s still a good song. The singer wants us to believe that it’s sweet that he wants to die by his lover’s side, yet no one should ever think it. This song provides another sense of comfort since I have seen 500 Days of Summer too many times to count. On a side note: why is it so hard to run into a boy in the elevator who is listening to this song who just so happens to be Joseph Gordon Levitt?


11). “Buttercup” // Hippo Campus

    Sorry for another Hippo Campus song but I just could not not put this here. I will admit, the first time I heard this song I had no idea what the hell the lead singer, Jake Luppen, was singing. But I will let you know that once I figured it out, this song went right to the top of my list. Not only is it upbeat and fun, it’s also empowering in a way. The lyrics “I’ll be fine on my own she said I don’t need you inside my head,” is repeated numerous times throughout the song, and it’s for a good reason. From my interpretation, this girl doesn’t need help from anyone and can fight her own battles physically and emotionally. Another song that will definitely make you feel like a badass.


12). “Crush” // Tessa Violet

    Not to be confused by the David Archuleta song, this is such a fun song. It is so upbeat that you cannot help but dance to it. Also everyone has crushes, they’re fun to have, and this song embodies just what it is like to have a crush. The lyrics “And I’m not tryna be with you now, you now. But I could be your crush, like, throw you for a rush, like hoping you’d text me,” conveys constantly thinking about someone and wanting them to acknowledge you.


13). “I Did Something Bad” // Taylor Swift

    Yes, I put in two Taylor songs, and no, I do not care. This song makes me feel like an absolute badass. Growing up a female I was always taught to be a “good girl” and to always follow the rules and never do something bad. However, this song makes me want to throw things and become the new Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde. My favorite lyrics are “They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one… so light me up,” since witches were forbidden and if someone was labeled as a witch they were burned alive, which adds a badass element.

So here you go! I also put all these songs into a playlist ( https://open.spotify.com/user/syyri9un97gf9t5e5saj35v9s/playlist/2QJthQ3PWqqHxXOw2QLiWj?si=mluiRev6SuWjs2tfSHOy-w ) so you don’t have to go searching for all them!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Hi everyone my name is Emilee! I am currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing! I have always loved writing and am super excited to be writing for Her Campus!!