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10 Tips For Staying Organized For The Girl That Never Stops Moving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

If you’re anything like me, then you need to stay busy at all times. When I have millions of tasks on my list, I know I don’t have time to simply hang around and do nothing – unless I have one class and no assignments due, then I’ll stay in bed watching Netflix or reading a book. I’ve recently realized that my schedule stays packed to the brim, is color-coded, and even accounts for travel time. Juggling a babysitting job, an internship, being a full-time student, and a member in more than five student organizations can get stressful, but luckily I’ve been able to develop a system that works for me. I have noticed that tons of people have trouble organizing their time, so I figured I would give you guys some tips on how I manage it!

Getting Started:

1. Buy a planner

My planner is my life, I check it multiple times a day. Anything and everything I need to plan for is color-coded. On Sunday, I write in upcoming assignments that are on my syllabi and all upcoming events. This will prepare you for later in the week (or Monday night), so you won’t feel too overwhelmed. I like my planner to be cute, so I feel put together all the time. I found mine for $7.50 at Barnes and Noble.

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2. Use color-coded pens

My favorite way to color-code is using Flair pens by Papermate. There are a ton of colors to choose from, but they’re on the expensive side, so beware of that! There are plenty of other cheap ways to do this too, but I prefer these because they’re like cousins of Sharpies.

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3. Utilize post-it notes

These are a great way to remind yourself of things you need to do or to make lists. I prefer to use these only in my room because they tend to get lost if I take them out and about. You can also color-code with these!

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4. Buy small notebooks

I find that this is the easiest way to keep track of small things throughout the day, that you need to write down and remember for later. I like to use mine to jot down notes from my internship or from emails when I’m away from my dorm. I later transcribe these notes into my actual planner, but it helps to have something small on hand.

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Incorporating Technology:

1. Download a calendar app


Most computers have their own calendar application that you can build your own schedule into. I color-code mine using the different features iCalender has to offer, and it definitely makes everything easier to see at a glance! You can also download a variety of applications from the app store or buy nicer ones yourself, but I’ve found that the calendar on my Mac is the best one for me (which is already installed.) I filled in an upcoming week so you can see how easy it is to have everything laid out. For me, this is the way I make sure I make it to every class and meeting on time.

2. Set reminders and make to-do lists


I have a reminder and to-do list applications on my phone, and they’re life-savers! It’s easy to forget to go grocery shopping or remember to buy dish soap but, if you can write it down on your phone immediately, you can easily pull it up later.

3. Set specific alarms

This one is to make sure you wake up on time and make it to your first class. I have multiple alarms set, and tend to snooze them all, but they do help me to arrive on time!

Coping Mechanisms:

1. Calm down and breathe

Sometimes you need ten seconds to breathe, tune everyone out, and go to your happy place(s), and that’s okay! If you need to take a second, take it! If you’re stressed, learn how to recognize that and take care of it. Always take care of yourself first!

2. Take time for yourself

Whether it’s going for a walk, getting coffee, or calling a friend to talk about how stressed you are, sometimes we need to feel like we are taking care of ourselves. Be selfish for a minute and do what you want!

3. Sleep and eat right

GO TO BED! Sleep regularly (I still have trouble with this one), and eat well to keep your energy up. If you feel like you can’t function, you won’t able to take care of things you need to get done. No amount of coffee or five-hour energies can help you out with this one (without eventually wearing you down!) 


Remember to take care of yourself and do things that make you happy, while you work to get everything done! Trust me, don’t wear yourself down or you will feel too overwhelmed to function. Now go out and organize yourself ladies! You can do it!

My name is Abby Elliott. If I'm not working on an article , I am reading or exploring somewhere in NYC! I am a marketing major with a fashion marketing minor for the Lubin School of Business. I have always loved writing and one day I hope to work for a fashion magazine! I can't wait to meet the new team for this upcoming year!