Why Pinterest is the Best

I know everyone's go-to social media will always be Snapchat or Instagram or Twitter - it's just so easy to wake up and check the usual feed before starting your day. However, I personally think that Pinterest is one of the most underrated social medias of all time and in some cases, it can even be my favorite!

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to scroll through millions of uploaded photography and create "boards" or albums of specific pictures based on a category of a person's interests. I love it because there are so many aesthetically pleasing photos on there that I get ideas of clothes to buy, things to do, or even to just look with my OCD brain.

One of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest is clothes! Who doesn't love some good browsing without the pressure to put something in your cart? ME! ME! ME! Pinterest just organizes everything so well with a minimalist layout - it just looks so good!

Another thing I love about Pinterest is that they are constantly updating your feed based on the types of images you save/look at the most frequently at that time. If i'm feeling make up, there's always fire looks to look through. If i'm just feeling some cute dogs, there's a never ending supply to cure your puppy fever. 

As a fellow foodie, of course I have to have a FIRE food page. Pinterest makes that so easy with an endless supply of satisfying food pics (along with links to different recipes so you can even try to recreate it at home). There's nothing like hundreds of pictures of food to get you into a munchie mood!

Pinterest is also good for planning parties, DIY projects, or even what kind of tattoo you want. I always am creating new pinterest boards that I hope will spark a good idea or help me plan what I should do for artwork. My tattoo pinterest board is a cool way for me to see what types of tattoos other people have gotten which hopefully help me decide what I want next!

Pinterest is in someways unnoticed by the social media community - but I will always stand by the opinion that Pinterest is kind of superior overall: it is a safe space to explore your interests, organize ideas, and not have to worry about how many likes you've gotten !!!