Why The Office Is the Best Sitcom of the Late 2000s

We all have our favorite TV show. The one that we put on when we want to relax after a long day and have a genuine laugh or enjoy a good cry. For me, that show is The Office. The NBC sitcom has been my favorite show for about 5 years now and I can safely say that I have watched the entire series of 9 seasons start to finish close to 7 or 8 times. (Something I'm very proud of!) However, there seems to be some controversy, when it comes to The Office, over how good of a show it really is. So, I am here today to explain why it is, in fact, the best television show to ever exist. 

  1. 1. There is No Other Character like Michael Scott

    Michael Scott, portrayed by Steve Carrell, is the main character and best part of the series. He is the most hilarious character I have ever seen on television and there is truly no other one like him. He is the perfect combination of hilarious, smart yet dumb, offensive, and he is the most terrible businessman to exist. Michael is a character that really makes the show what it is and we are so thankful for him. 

  2. 2. Jim & Pam

    I think we can all agree on that fact that Jim and Pam will always be our couple goals. The fans root for them the entire time and we love when they finally get married and start a family. I enjoy these two characters because they are a great example of a loveable relationship that we all strive for. They are also a good model of how a relationship in a workplace can actually be successful. 

  3. 3. There is Actually a Decent Storyline

    Most sitcoms can be very entertaining and fun to watch, however, they lack a solid storyline. The Office offers a really great storyline surprisingly. Through the seasons, we watch all of the characters grow and develop, relationships rise and fall, heartbreak, etc. We even see the company, Dunder Mifflin, that the entire show is centered around, have its hard times and huge successes as well. We really feel like we are a part of these characters lives and in addition, the storyline is interesting and keeps on going strong throughout. This show really never has a dull moment and I mean that. 

  4. 4. The Style of the Show is Unique

    The series is shot in a documentary style in addition to individual and group interviews with the characters throughout the episodes to give it a reality TV spin. I think this makes the show so different and keeps it very interesting, to say the least. My favorite parts are when the camera zooms in on Jim giving one of his classic expressions. 

  5. 5. Over 45 Television Awards

    I'm not the only one who feels like the show is top-notch! I have lots of evidence to back myself up... The Office has received over 45 awards including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 2007, Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series in 2009 and so on. In addition, the individual actors have been nominated and won many awards for this series on their own! 

  6. 6. Jim & Dwight / Dwight in General

    Needless to say, I had to include the most famous friendship in the series. Jim and Dwight share quite a unique relationship filled with pranking, constantly making fun of each other and many times when they almost got the other fired. But, they still have plenty of good, nice friendship moments that makes their relationship so special. For example, when Dwight is heartbroken about Angela, Jim gives him love advice and is very supportive of him. My favorite Jim/Dwight moment is when Jim dresses up as Dwight and starts talking and acting just like him to drive him crazy. 

To conclude, The Office has been and will always be the best sitcom of the late 2000s. They have proved themselves time and time again to be the most hilarious, yet down to earth show on American television through a strong fanbase and many nominations and awards. My mind cannot be changed on this!